Making your resume for the first time can be a worrisome task for anyone, but believe it or not, resume writing is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Learning how to make a resume for your very first job is very easy. You need to know and understand that your resume is going to create your first impression on a prospective employer and therefore, needs to be drafted well. It has to interest the reader and make the impression that the candidate will be an asset to the organization. While the lack of experience can be a drawback, it does not need to be an insurmountable hurdle. When you are learning how to make a resume for a first job, templates come in handy.

Tips for Writing a Resume for the First Time

There are many websites out there that will give you resume writing tips and pointers on how to draft a resume. Following these tips will only make your job easier. Here are some guidelines that will make the job at hand of learning to write a resume for the first time an easy one.

Always highlight your educational qualifications and any relevant experience that you have. If you do not have any experience that would help you in getting the job, then highlight interests or achievements that are related to the field.

If you are technologically good, then highlight your computer skills. This is a great skill to highlight, as even in the most artistic of fields, people who know and understand technology have an upper hand.

Include any internships or summer jobs that you have worked at. This is an important section that most employers tend to look at.

It is important to demonstrate how you will be a valuable asset to the organization that you are working for. So focus on your achievements and accomplishments which demonstrate your various skills and abilities.

While writing a resume for first job many people tend to get so caught up in the content of the resume, that they do not focus on the format of the resume at all. The design of the resume is very important as a good resume layout will ensure that it becomes easy for an employer to go through your resume.

Given below are a template and a sample that will help you learn how to make a resume for your very first job. Samples of resumes for first jobs are available online, but since there is no standard for the same it is advisable to refer to a template and draft your own resume. Before you send it out, do check it for spelling and grammatical errors. Here is template and a sample that will help you learn how to write a resume for a job.

Template of a Resume for First Job

Mobile Number
Email id

Educational Qualifications

Give the details of your educational qualification starting from your latest qualification.

Job Experience

If you have any kind of job experience, regardless of whether or not it is relevant to the position you are applying for, mention it in this section of the resume.


Any achievements that you think are worth mentioning need to be included in this section of the resume. This does not mean that you mention the award you received in the first grade. The achievements listed should make a good impression on a prospective employer. It would reflect well on you, if you included details of achievements that are relevant to the position vacant.

Interests & Hobbies

List out those hobbies that will create a good impression on your could-be employer.


As a first timer, it is of prime importance that you give references of people known to you, whom your prospective employer could contact. This could be for the employers to learn more about you and also to ensure that there is no sort of fabrication on the resume.

Example of a Resume for First Job

Angela Birkson
23, Haversham Street
CA - 5992

Educational Qualifications

BA in English Literature (2006-09)
University of Sacramento, CA
3.5 GPA

Job Experience

2003 - 06: Worked at the Thomas Jefferson Public Library as assistant to the librarian.

2006 - 09: Teacher's assistant at the University of Sacramento, CA


Recipient of the Dean's Medal for Outstanding Student of the batch at University of Sacramento, CA.
Award from the Daily Beagle for Best Fiction by a writer under 16.
Valedictorian of the Batch of 2006 at the JFK High School, Sacramento.
Interests & Hobbies

Reading, traveling and writing.


Joseph Grames
Head of the English Department
University of Sacramento, CA
Mobile Number: 0908-686-575

Now that you know how to make a resume if this is your first job, we hope that we have put to ease your nerves. Just make a list of all the details you want to add in your resume and apply for your dream career. We are sure you will get the job.

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