When applying for a job your resume is the most important tool that you have. It does not matter what your work experience is or how qualified you are because if you are unable to present your resume properly, you will not even get an interview. The recruiters and HR managers will remove all the poorly written resumes because they do not have enough time to go through all the mess.

It is important that you take your time to work on your resume. Having a professional resume is the only way you will be able to get the interview and job you have been looking for. A common issue most individuals have to deal with is that when they have to write the work experience section of their resume. It is confusing and tough when you do not have enough experience. Here are some of the tips that might help you out in the process.

Fresh graduates

Figuring out how to write the work experience section is the biggest hurdle that fresh graduates have to deal with. Fresh graduates do not want to show that they have no experience because companies are looking for experienced individuals. That is why they often make the mistake of adding a few extra lines related to their summer jobs that might not be true. Here is how you can manage your work experience section.

Focus on the skills you have

It is highly recommended that new graduates should focus on their transferable skills that would be beneficial for the company. It is better that you add your internship experience and do not forget to mention your performance. You have to connect your work experience and all this information with the job description of the targeted vacancy.

If you are applying for the entry-level jobs make sure to mention your time management skills that you previously learned at an organization. You will have to pay attention to skills like;

1. Research
2. Details
3. Communication skills

Job titles should be attractive

A common mistake most fresh graduates make is they use simple job titles. You should know that you can get creative with your job titles. If you are applying for a child care manager you can mention and bold all the babysitting jobs that you have done in your neighborhood to show your skill level. As the title, you can use the words child care manager. Under the title write about all your previous achievements including the educational background and recreational activities that you participated in.

Mention relevant experiences

In the employment history, you might be planning to write about the class projects and coursework that you have completed. Remember that it is a waste of space and time. employers want well-rounded candidates and they are not interested in your class projects. It is better that you mention the things you have done outside the class. Recruiters are not looking for a test taker. You can write about your

1. Volunteer experience
2. Internship experience
3. Temporary positions

If you can link it with your career goals only then you should place all this in your employment history. Otherwise, make a section of additional skills to mention all such information.

Young professionals

If you are a young professional and you are looking for a new job, there is no need to write about your education and internship because you have a full-time job experience to mention in your resume that you got from your previous job. However, to make your resume look more attractive it is better that you add a section of other work, where you can mention all the extra jobs that you have done.

The work experiences you write should be from the last 5 to 10 years because that is the only work experience that counts. You should also make sure that font and font size of your resume is attractive.

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