There is a limit to the amount of space that you have. You can only park so many cars in your driveway. You only have a certain number of rooms. There's only so much space in your garden. When your space feels cramped, it can be stressful. It can also cause clutter to build up. Thankfully, if you stick to these easy tips for saving space, you can ensure that your room gives you the space you need. You might not be able to increase the amount of square footage in your home. However, with the right paint colors and the appropriate furniture, you can really transform a space. 

Furniture With a Smaller Footprint 

When you're choosing furniture, you should think about the impact it is going to have on the space you're in. Your room will feel larger if you leave as much of the floor as open as possible. Take a look at these Macy’s furniture reviews for inspiration. When you're selecting furniture, you'll want to consider how large its footprint is. The wingback chair has been a popular choice for a long time. Many people feel like these chairs take up a lot of space because of their wings. Since there is a sizable gap between the floor and the bottom of the seat, however, this isn't the case. It can make a room feel lighter because it won't take up all your floor space. You can even use the space below the chair for storage.

Choose The Right Colors 

Darker colors can add ambiance to a space, but they may not be the best option for a small room. If you want a room to feel lighter and more spacious, neutral shades in a lighter color are your best choice. Dark colors don't reflect light but lighter shades do. You should use these shades throughout the room, from the floor to the ceiling to the walls in between. You should also pick furniture in lighter shades. You don't necessarily have to avoid patterns, but you should try not to use too many dark colors in your space. You should also pay attention to fabrics. Light, airy fabrics can make a space feel much bigger. 

Pops of Color  

Trends in interior design change over time. If dark colors are right on trend, you may want to use these shades in your space. As mentioned above, dark shades don't reflect light, making them a poor choice for smaller spaces. Dark colors might be stylish, but they can make a room feel cramped if you're not careful. However, you can still keep up with trends if you use a small pop of color. As an example, you could use a darkly-colored headboard in your bedroom but could decorate the rest of the room in light tones that are still complimentary. You could use a few darker throw pillows in your living room. Don't go so far as to paint a feature wall in a dark shade. Focus on small, subtle pops of color.

Picking The Right Furniture 

As stated above, the furniture you select can influence how large or small a room looks. If you maximize the floor space you have, it's only natural that a room will feel larger. Of course, you need to make sure you have storage in your space. Because of this, you might be tempted to cover your walls with furniture, which means you won't have much open space. If you're smart about the furniture you choose, however, you can make sure you have more than enough space. As an example, you could select a coffee table with extra storage. Try to maintain an open design when selecting furniture so that your space won't feel closed off. 

Utilize Vertical Space 

If your view is filled with clutter, then you'll naturally see a space as more cluttered. If it seems like the ceiling in a space is close to your head, it will make the room feel much smaller. It's important to remember that a room's dimensions aren't the only thing that influence how large it feels. It's all about what you see. That's why you can create the illusion of a larger space. You should try to focus on the height of the room so that it looks taller. You can do this by following a lot of standard design principles.

Use Light Shades On The Ceiling: White is usually the best option, but if you're looking for an alternative, the color cream can work as well. Don't go darker than that. 

Hang Curtain Rods Near The Ceiling: With long stretches of fabric, your room will look taller, which means it will feel larger.

Use Verticle Stripes: This is a common optical illusion, but an effective one. You can use wallpaper or artwork that includes these stripes.


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