Your dog isn't likely to attend any black-tie events, but you never know when your dog may have to seem his best. Dressing up are often fun if your dog is game. If you're attending a dog-friendly event, a suit could also be so as . you'll order a tuxedo for your dog from a billboard site, but a custom DIY project can make sure that your dog looks his best during a tux that matches perfectly.

Measure your dog to form your custom pattern and note each measurement. Measure his length from the highest of his spine at the rear of his neck to only above his tail. Measure his girth, which is that the widest a part of his chest, and measure from the highest of his spine to where you measured his girth. Measure his width from shoulder to shoulder across the front of the dog, under his chin. Your final measurement are going to be around your dog's neck.

Lay out your sheet of paper in preparation of drawing your pattern. The length are going to be simple. Use the precise measurement of the length of your dog. Draw the length out across the highest of the paper, using your pencil. Imagine your dog standing sideways ahead of you together with his head at your left and his tail at your right. this is often how you'll prolong your pattern. Your girth measurement on your pattern will start at the measurement you took from the highest of his spine to where you measured his girth. If it's 4 inches, for instance , start your girth measurement 4 inches in from the left. Draw a line down your pattern the space of your girth measurement minus 5 inches, divided by 2.

Draw a small arc downward from the left end of your length measurement, adequate to half your dog's neck size. Connect now to the top point of your girth measurement together with your pencil, employing a slight arc. Continue drawing your pattern toward your dog's tail area, arcing upward slight as you go, then level out parallel to the length measurement. Connect this final measurement with a line from the top of your length measurement. this may settle the pattern above your dog's tail.

Cut out your tux pattern using your scissors.

Lay your pattern over your dog. Make any adjustments now in order that your fabric are going to be cut correctly.

Draw alittle pattern for the tails of the tux. Draw a line downward equal in distance to the line at the proper end of your pattern. Draw another line from the highest point of your initial line, toward the proper , equal in distance to your first line. Connect these two lines with an arc as if you were making 1 / 4 of a circle.

Fit the recycled evening shirt around your dog's neck. Measure your dog's neck before you purchase your shirt. A child's shirt will work for smaller dogs.

Button the shirt completely. Cut the front of the shirt in order that the width that is still are going to be ready to fit between your dog's front legs. Cut upward toward the collar, stopping 3 inches from the collar, then cut round the neck, leaving an equivalent 3 inches all the way around. this may be underneath the tux.

Cut the shirt front that is still so it'll long enough to increase through the dog's legs, ending at the purpose where you circled his chest for the girth measurement.

Pin all the cut edges of the shirt. Run a 1/4-inch hem along each to stop fraying, using the stitching machine.

Cut a skinny strip of the leftover shirt material long enough to frolic the dog's girth, connecting each side of the shirtfront. Hem edges with 1/4-inch hem. Sew one end of the strip to at least one side of the shirt. On the opposite end, attach a Velcro piece. Attach the connecting piece of Velcro to the opposite side of the shirt, in order that you'll wrap the strap up over your dog's girth. this may keep the shirt snug against your dog's chest.

Lay out your main pattern and tail pattern on your black material, and pin.

Cut out the patterns.

Attach your tail piece to the tail end of your main pattern, using your home appliance .

Hem all edges with a 1/4-inch hem.

Place the shirt a part of your tux on your dog. Carefully pin your finished tux round the neck of your tux shirt, as you'll attach the coat to the shirt together with your home appliance . If you're unable to try to to this because your dog is fidgety or frightened, otherwise you do not have a second set of hands to assist , think about using the arm of your sofa to get your shirt across. you do not want to injure your dog by poking him with a pin.

Attach your buttons, three on all sides , down the front of your tux coat.

Attach your small piece of chain across your tail piece, by employing a few stitches on each end. Attach your silver or gold buttons to the rear of the tux on all sides of your tail piece, over each end of the chain, even as they'd get on the rear of a tux.

Cut alittle rectangle, 4 inches square, from the black satin fabric. Fold in half with the within of the material out and pin. Stitch three sides together with your home appliance , turn inside out, and shut the fourth side using your home appliance or a hand stitch. Using your needle, thread it through the middle of your tie and pull until the middle of the tie begins to shut like an accordion. Run the needle back through the middle again, repeat two more times, and knot your thread. Cut alittle piece of your satin fabric to hide the middle of your tie. you'll be wanting to stitch the sides in order that they don't fray. Wrap this piece round the center of the tie, and hand stitch it closed.

Sew one piece of the snap to the rear of the tie and therefore the other piece of the snap to the highest button of the shirt. this manner your tie will snap right your shirt.

Keep scissors faraway from children.

Do not pin your costume on your dog if you're in the least uncertain about the stableness of your hands or your dog's behavior during fitting.

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