Life has been changing in a blazing rate because of the advancement of technology. Internet is the new name for the media. If you have been browsing the internet for a couple of years even you can make a website. Let’s see how to make a simple website

• The first thing to do is to find a domain name; domain simply means the name of your website or the URL which leads your visitors to your website. URL is the acronym for uniform resource locater. There are many websites which offers domain registration like godaddy, networksoultions and so on. Just chose a name which suits your website. Choose the name which is related to your website content. You can make domain names by adding words to the desired product. Like if your website is about mobiles you can have the name like mobileworld. Mobileplaza, mobilearena etc. almost all short good names are already taken but you just try your luck. Avoid choosing long names like . People won’t remember these easily.

• While choosing domain name you must choose a suitable extension also. Either you can choose the most common one the .com or others. There are lots of extensions available according the nature of your enterprise or the region you operate. If your business is concentrated only inside the country then you can chose one like “ , or , . Each of these represents United Kingdom, New Zealand and South Africa.

• The second thing is o find a hoisting service for your website. Mainly there are three hosting plans. Dedicated hosting shared hosting and cloud hosting. As you are an amateur you need shared hosting only. Chose a plan having some decent bandwidth and storage space. Hosting service provides us with servers where our data is stored.

• The nest thing is a platform for your website. The best thing is to install wordpress in your site. There are simple tutorials of how it is done. Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform and it’s a content management system. Wordpress is easy to manage and blog. There are lot of themes and widgets available. You can customize wordpress as you desire. A theme can be said as the backbone of a website, themes decide the overall look and feel of a website.

• If your website is too much complicated you can chose some programming language to design it such as ASP.NET or PHP, although these are the most popular there are many, many others. magneto is the most popular software used for making shopping carts .

If you are making a personal website all these knowledge will be enough but it’s always a smarter option to choose a reputed local web design company to make a corporate websites. There are certain things like SEO which I hope you are not so familiarized with, they know the stuff and they will do it properly.

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