How To Make A Woman Come With Your Hands: How To Make A Woman Orgasm With Your Fingers Or Tongue

Sometimes a woman does not feel like having sex but still wants to have an orgasm without the intercourse. There are two ways to give her this, you can use your fingers or you can lick her vagina. This article will show you how to do both.

How to make a woman orgasm with your fingers.

The golden rules are to be gentle and make sure that your fingers are wet before inserting them. Once your fingers are inside her do not presume that just because you want to use them hard and fast that she will like this because she won't. A woman likes you to show consideration and take it easy, don't forget how delicate her vagina is. Keep your fingers inside and use them as if you were beckoning someone to come to you, you will soon notice that she is getting wetter with every movement and this is when you should speed up.

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As she gets more into it you will be able to push deeper and will feel a firm piece of tissue that feels like an inverted finger tip (when you feel it you will know what I mean). Stop with the beckoning now and rub this in a circular motion until you make your woman orgasm with your fingers. The great thing about doing this is that she will most likely pleasure you with her hands at the same time.

How to make a woman orgasm with your tongue.

As above you need to take your time and lick her very slowly at first, it takes a little longer to make your woman orgasm by licking her vagina but her climax will be ten times more powerful than the ones given with your fingers. Women love oral but only when it is given properly and with skill and consideration. The best way is to start licking and kissing her outer lips first to get them wet, then slowly put your tongue inside and alternate between licking and putting your tongue in. It will not take long before she is unable to keep still, such is the pleasure that she is getting.

Keep the licks slow until she is wriggling about and the start to turn up the heat a bit at a time until she is getting loud. By now her clitoris should have taken its hood off ready for you to apply the finishing touches. It is crucial that you stimulate this gently or you will have her pushing you away. Just a few nice flicks of your tongue will suffice and she will be having an orgasm like no other.

So next time your girlfriend feels horny but wants an orgasm without intercourse you can make your woman orgasm with your fingers or your tongue.

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Guys usually ignore the aspect of foreplay in their dogged determination to pleasure themselves and directly jump to intercourse. This results in them achieving an orgasm within minutes while leaving the girl high and dry.

Use these tips to explore the seductive art of foreplay and give your girl such a stunning foreplay that she screams out your name again and again while in the midst of multiple orgasms.

Start with mental foreplay. You should first excite your girl mentally by whispering all the naughty moves that you plan to use on her during foreplay. This will result in your girl going moist in anticipation of the thrills that await her in the bedroom. Girls have to be mentally seduced too unlike guys that simply get excited at the sight of any garment falling of a girl's body.

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Go slow. Do not be in a hurry to start foreplay as soon as you enter the bedroom with your girl. Undress her slowly, garment by garment even as you kiss her deeply, caress her hair, shoulders, breasts and hips. Slowly but gently kiss the nape of her neck, her shoulders, her breasts, abdomen and inner thighs as you initiate the foreplay process. You girl will already be turned on and her vagina would be moist with anticipation as you prepare to move down.

Attack her g-spot with gentle lust. Do not be rough while engaging in foreplay. Keep it smooth and sensuous. Use your fingers to probe deep into her vagina for the elusive g-spot. A small mound along with increased moans will indicate that you have found it. Caress it with a little pressure so as to quickly take your girl to an entire new level of sexual pleasure. Your girl is sure to reach her first explosive orgasm only with g-spot stimulation itself.

Top it down with cunnilingus. Your girl will also love it when you stimulate her clitoris, especially with your tongue. Go down on your girl and use your tongue to stimulate her clitoris that is located just beneath the lips of her vagina. Probe deeper with your tongue and also move it sideways while holding her hips tightly with your hands. Your girl will reward your foreplay session with screams of explicit pleasure as she achieves one mountainous orgasm after the other.

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If you want to give your woman GREAT SEX and sexually satisfy her, there are certain things that you need to do. Follow this plan and you'll hit the mark every time...

1: Time For Conversation

Every great lover understands that a woman's mind is a powerful thing when it comes to sex. To give your woman GREAT SEX, engage her with stimulating conversation first. HINT: That's why taking your woman out for dinner usually leads to sex later in the evening. Also note: The talking should never stop -- once things get sexual, your talk changes from 'interesting conversation and making her laugh' to DIRTY TALK.

2: Make The First Move

Your woman is sexually submissive and wants you to make the first move. Said differently -- she wants you to INSTIGATE the SEX and take control from then on. So be a gentlemen and do it.

3: Foreplay

Don't rush to get your 'little chap' inside her (that's what average dudes do and their women hate it). Instead, take your time and TEASE HER. Build her anticipation and make her desperate for more.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

4: Give Her A Clitoral Orgasm

During foreplay, make sure you give your woman a clitoral orgasm. Use ORAL SEX or a technique using your fingers to do this.

5: Give Her A Vaginal Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm will totally blow your woman's mind and if you follow everything to this point -- you've now given your woman 2 orgasms in a single session (and you've not had 'full sex' yet).

Do you think she'll be happy so far?

You bet she will!

6: Now Have Intercourse

Now she's warmed up and has had a couple of orgasms -- it's time for intercourse. Do something different every time you have sex with your woman to make sure it never gets boring. So don't just do it 'missionary'. Try spooning her, doing it doggy-style and getting her to ride you as well.

And don't forget -- keep TALKING DIRTY.

Also, be sure to do what 95% of guys don't do for their women -- Give her a vaginal orgasm during intercourse (this is easy to do once you regularly give her vaginal orgasms during foreplay).

7: Don't Shower Just Yet. TALK TO HER!

If you've done all the first 6 steps -- you're doing great. Just don't mess up by blowing your load and rushing off to the shower. Instead, spend a little time talking to your woman. Those guys who know what they are doing in bed call that PILLOW TALK. Of all these 7 steps, the most important is to get those VAGINAL ORGASMS working.

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Come on now. You should know by now that girls will never admit to loving oral sex - at least not directly to your face. Unfortunately, this isn't exactly a task that guys like to perform, so it's always only in the back of their minds - if it's there at all - before any sack session. But if you really want to become an expert at giving oral sex to girls, you really should practice the tricks below. In fact, these tricks have the power to get these girls addicted to you because of nothing but your tongue's skills.

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Trick #1: Be versatile with your "tools". Remember: you do not just have a tongue to work with; you also have your lips and several fingers that can help you get the job done. So, if you want to make sure that you offer up nothing but the utmost satisfaction, try using all these tools of yours combined to reach her pleasure peak before even having sex.

Try some gentle teasing as well by roaming your tongue on her labia and thighs. Avoid the clitoris for now. See, if she ends up anticipating your reach for the clitoris, she will also end up going insanely crazy - something you should really be aiming for.

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Trick #2: Learn about proper penetration. After licking out your girl's clitoris, do not stop abruptly. True masters of oral sex also happen to make use of their tongues as a tool of penetration, giving them the power to give girls orgasms through oral sex. You can get this power, too.

You should also know that the vagina happens to be extremely sensitive, so always handle it with care if you make it there. Although a bit of pain may be bearable and even enjoyable at times - provided the stimulation was perfect - try not to overdo it. Do feel free to experiment with it, though.

Trick #3: Give your fingers proper training. While you let your tongue and lips deal with pleasuring your girl, let your fingers get in on the fun, too. For example, lick her clitoris with your tongue but let your fingers explore other parts of her body at the same time; this will pleasure her even more. Then, by the time you choose to penetrate her, her orgasms will be incredibly intense. Try it out for yourself!

Trick #4: Use different speeds. While you are licking a girl, do not go full speed as she will think you are overdoing it - a bad move! What you need to do is start things off slow and then become unpredictable in your movements so that she never knows what to expect.

You can even stop every once in a while; this works with a lot of couples since the girl will end up confused and beg you to keep going. Now that you have that down pat, are you already an expert at giving girls orgasms with your words? Well, if you don't, find out how you can make her reach orgasms as you talk now!

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