How To Make A Woman Think About You Sexually: How To Make A Woman Want To Sleep With You

The main thing in the world of dating is the power to improve the sexual energy that exists between you and a woman. If you cannot produce any sexual energy whatsoever between the two of you, your chances of getting her phone number or getting her to go home with you are practically next to nothing.

In fact, if no sexual energy exists between the two of you, women are never going to be able to feel that necessary bond that will help you succeed in your game of dating. To help you out, here are several secrets that can help you produce some powerful sexual energy just by talking to a woman. Keep reading...

How to Make Women Open Up to Sexual Thoughts that Involve You in No Time

Tip #1. Stare at her in a sensual manner. There is a particular secret in doing this that you need to try out several times before you find out what I mean when I say it works.

If you find yourself talking to a certain woman, you should concentrate on her left eye as you talk. After some time, concentrate on her mouth and then concentrate on her right eye. In no time, the woman will be able to subconsciously tell that you wouldn't mind kissing her right then and there.

If she agrees to this unspoken request, you can be sure that you will be touching several parts of her body soon and might even end up in the bedroom at the end of the night.

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Tip #2. Tease her like a professional. The key to building high levels of sexual energy as you talk to a woman would be by teasing her. This works great on strangers, by the way.

If you want to be successful with your methods of teasing, you have to remain playful and watch how a woman acts towards your teases. Several kinds of teasing are not advisable. For example, teasing a woman about her appearance will only make you seem like a total jerk and ruin any chances you will have with a woman right away. If you can pull of proper teasing, though, you should get to create feelings of frustration in her and make her anticipate your presence in a sexual manner.

Tip #3. Be manly. If you are a true man, you should show this and be loud and proud regarding that fact. Most men choose to hide their actual intentions from women, but this only makes them look like a creep, so do not follow in those footsteps.

Manly desires are only natural, so you shouldn't feel ashamed of them if you feel them all the time. As a matter of fact, this manly ball of energy should be put to use in a sexual manner and placed into every conversation you have with a woman in order to let your manliness shine as you talk and move in front of her. This can also help you succeed.

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Many guys have no idea what women want IN BED.

But fortunately for you, once you've read this article you'll know how to blow your woman's mind and give her much better sex.

So read on carefully and use this information and the sex tips wisely...

Here Is Exactly What Women Want In The Bedroom

Every woman is different but they all want these things in bed:


Now, what exactly is a real man? A real man is a man who is strong and decisive. He's manly and masculine. He's sexually confident. He has good posture, integrity and his life has a purpose.

Exciting Sex

DUH! "YES", it might sound like I'm stating the obvious, but many men do not give their women EXCITING SEX. To give your woman exciting sex and make sure it never gets boring, do something different in each of the sexual adventures that you share with your woman.

Doing the same things over and over again is a recipe for disaster (and boredom) in the bedroom. NOTE: The disaster occurs because when women get boring sex, they often end up CHEATING to try and find BETTER SEX.

So now you know what women want in the bedroom, let's move on and take a look at:

3 Ways To Give Your Woman Better Sex And Incredible Sexual Pleasure

1. Stimulate Her Most Important Sexual Organ With Your Voice

So you thought a woman's vagina was her most important sexual organ? Think again... The truth about female sexuality is that a woman's BRAIN is her most important sexual organ.

Indeed, to give your woman MUCH BETTER SEX, you need to make-love to her mind as well as her body. You do this by TALKING DIRTY.

Dirty talk is not just a way to add variety to your love-making sessions -- it's an essential ingredient for your woman. Women want, need and crave dirty talk. Period.

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2. Make The Sex Naughty

No woman wants to do it on a Friday night with the lights on, in the missionary position every time they have sex. Yet this is what many boring men do. The reality is that women love to GET NAUGHTY in the bedroom.

They want their men to make the sex dirty. They want to do TABOO things.

Here are a few things you can very easily do to give your woman NAUGHTY SEX:

- Take her hair in your hands whilst doing her from behind
- Talk dirty (don't forget this one)
- Have some ANAL PLAY
- Lightly pin her arms to the bed whilst you are on top of her
- Blindfold her
- Handcuff her
- Give her oral sex and do so with passion and excitement
- Give her a facial

You get the idea, right? "YES", women want all that stuff and it's your job as a guy to make it happen.

3. Give Her The Gift Of Vaginal Orgasms

Some women have never had an orgasm at all. The majority of women have only had clitoral orgasms. Such women never become addicted to sex and wild in bed.

However, women who experience VAGINAL ORGASMS often end up totally addicted to sex and will do anything for the man who gives them this type of sexual pleasure.

And One Last thing...

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There are ways for you to attract a girl towards you first and find out that she is inclined towards you before you have sex with her. Once she is attracted to you the rest is much easier.

Impress her as the man she'd like to be with forever- Show her that you are a dependable kind of guy who cares about others. Let her feel she can rely on you and feel safe and secure with you. Once she's as relaxed and comfortable with you then she will give in to you. Be genuine in your behavior or you'll be found out sooner or later.

Are you lively and jovial and full of humor? A girl likes to depend on a man who can humor her and keep her in good spirits. She likes to be away from the cares and struggles of life and laugh to heart's content in response to his jokes. She would like to bask in the sunshine of your liveliness.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Being the loving and caring man- Are you showing sufficient love and care for her. Are you expressing it verbally and physically when you touch her? Are your embraces and your foreplay sincere? You must linger longer and leisurely over the foreplay so that she gets aroused to a high. The more you indulge in foreplay the more she will be aroused.

The right stimulations- It is necessary that you stimulate the right places and do not rush over it. The breasts and the nipples need to be fondled and titillated with the fingers and hands and also with the tongue. The vaginal lips and the clitoris too demand their share of stimulation before you begin stimulating the g spot. The light and gentle stroking of the vaginal region itself can start giving her orgasms. And then the g spot adds to the multiple orgasms that she has.

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A lot has been discussed when it comes to the matter of what women like in bed but you see there a lot of silly mistakes men make in bed which women simply can not stand. A lot of men out there make these mistakes on a consistent basis and such things tend to kill the passion of the moment. This is the major reason why you must know these before it's too late. Read on to discover what these mistakes are and what you can do about them......

Trying to have sex at the wrong moment- You see with sex timing is one of the most important aspects and once you get your timing wrong the whole thing does down the drain. Often one of the partners is willing to have sex while the other is tired or totally exhausted. This is one mistake a lot of men make and often they just want to have sex even when the female is tired or is not in the mood.

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Doing the same thing over and over again- Once is good twice is OK but often men tend to do the same routine over and over again in bed which makes the whole deal boring after a period of time. You see you should always be willing to experiment with new things as that would keep sex passionate and spicy even in the long term.

Not considering her wants and needs- This is another thing a lot of men out there tend to do on a constant and a regular basis. They seem to forget the true needs and desires of their partner and often only concentrate on their own pleasure. Remember that she will never make efforts to pleasure you unless you make efforts to pleasure her. You should always keep her needs and desires in mind and make sure that she gets what she desires out of sex.

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