It is difficult to put together any event and that includes creating an event program. Consider the following steps before seeking out the service for event program printing:

1. Event
Specify your event. Is it a wedding? An Auction? A fundraising event? Or a board meeting perhaps? No matter what it is you must clearly define it and if it helps consider having a title for that specific event.

2. Content
What you put in your event program is important because it highlights everything that must be highlighted. Here are a few vital areas that you may need to add in your program: (please note though that not all of these may be applicable to your specified event)

• Write and introduction
Why is this event taking place? Make a short introduction and let everyone know more about the program and its purpose.

• How you started
If you are celebrating a company’s anniversary or perhaps a wedding for a couple it may be nice to include a short story on how the company started (like small beginnings) or the love story of a couple who has been through a lot and is now finally tying the knot.

• Speakers
list down and write a short background of the speakers or guest of honors specially those notable persons in the event. To be respectful it is always good to let everyone know who are to be noted.

• Participants
If it’s not that much you may want to include people who are in your event.

• Schedule of events
This is a good way to let your guests or participants know what will happen and when it will happen. Clearly define the schedule of events.

• Map of area
If you have a huge area and have certain specific areas or booths it may be good for your guests that you create a map to show them the way. Include a suggestion where they could start or go next.

• Milestones
Write the highlights of the couple’s or the company’s life. You don’t do not have to write every single thing just those important and memorable ones that shows what they have been through.

• Testimonials from friends or important clients
It’s always fun to know what other people think about a specific company or couple. So seek the testimonials of your friends and important clients and include that in your program.

• Acknowledgments
People you may need to thank are your acknowledgements specially those silent heroes for your events. You may want to include to acknowledge your organizers or assistants too specially if they have done an excellent job.

• List of important individuals for that event
If you have a very short list of attendees or it is important that everyone has a contact information of everyone else, then a guest list of your participants is highly suggested. Make sure though that you do not misspell any name and designation.

• Sponsors
If you have sponsors, it may wise and respectful to acknowledge them in your program. This will also help them advertise their company so thank them by acknowledging their good deed.

3. Type of event program (brochure type, catalogs or booklet type)
There are several printing methods you choose from for your event program. Three of the most used are – brochure types, catalog types and the booklet types.

4. Covers and binding
Should you pick the booklet event program, you will be given a choice for your covers and the binding. Binding methods are usually stitched or coils. Covers on the otherhand can just be anything you want. Make sure though that the front has the title of the event and your company name or the name of the celebrant(s).

5. Gloss or matte or non at all
for your covers or the brochures consider adding a little protection and choose from glossy or matte.

Your event program is important as the event itself so take time in creating every nitty gritty of your program. Find a good event program printing and erase your event program making in your to do list.

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