5 mukhi rudraksha makes for 50 to 60% of the total production of rudraksha. So, one can easily gauge how popular they are actually are. They make for the most accessible rudraksha as well. Mahadev or Lord Shiva is the ruling God of the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha. It is believed that wearing his 5-faced sacred bead eliminates diverse variances of human instincts like Anger (Krodha), Lust (Kama), Greed (Lobha), ego (Ahankar) and Affection (Moha). If you’re looking forward to buy rudraksha online you should be aware of the ways in which you can make an educated choice.

Now, the question remains – how do you make an educated choice while buying rudraksha online? This particular post walks you through answers. Do make sure that you are reading on.

The Astrological Significance of 5-Mukhi Rudraksha

To initiate, let us tell you that 5-mukhi rudraksha does have initial astrological significance backing it. Knowing why it holds such importance is crucial to the buying process – i.e. if you want to make an informed decision. Since, this sacred bead is very effective when it comes to eliminating the negative energies in the form of lust, greed and anger etc – it is actually recommended for people with heart ailments, tension, blood pressure and anxiety. It is effective when worn around the heart.

5-mukhi rudraksha has been considered effective for keeping blood pressure under control. It’s the ancient Vedic scriptures that had –first- mentioned this fact. Other important benefits of the beads have been stated below:

  • 5 mukhi Nepali rudraksha is considered effective for neutralizing effects of Planet Jupiter

  • They render a relaxing effect on mind as well

  • It bolsters memory or retention power

  • Wearing it results in academic excellence

  • It has a relaxing effect on mind

Wearing the Sacred Bead: What you should Know

It’s worth noting that you are required to follow a definite procedure before wearing the same. What we mean is that if you are really looking forward to exploring its astrological merit, you cannot really go on to buy it and wear it arbitrarily. Documented below are the steps that must be followed. Here are the details:

At first, you need to get it energized by a Brahmin pandit in a Shiv temple. Energizing the sacred bead entails the “pran pratistha” puja. It means you are infusing “life” in the bead so that it can perform the functions that it is supposed to perform. A 5-mukhi rudraksha should be worn on Monday. You should be careful enough not to touch it with soiled or dirty hands at any cost. It is advisable for you to avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food if you’re wearing the 5-mukhi rudraksha every day.

Make an Informed Choice

Do you know how can make an educated choice when it comes to buying rudraksha? It’s by learning about the purpose of wearing it and the steps that you need to take before or after wearing the same. That leaves no room for arbitrary decisions! Hope this primer helped!

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