If you think your life is lousy, believe one thing first: you can make your life a pleasure to live. It just calls for a change in mindset, which takes a bit of mental work until the job’s done. Let’s dive right into the subject…

You probably think you life is miserable because nothing is going well with you.

Do you know how you reached the “nothing is going well with you” opinion? By judging the key events of your life, deciding that each one had a bad outcome and then averaging all those decisions.

If you had judged each event and decided each time that the outcome was positive (i.e., “good”), your overall opinion would be that “life is going well.”

So how do you ensure that the outcome of each event is good? By looking at the outcome from a positive angle instead of from the negative angle which you currently use.

To use a famous illustration, you look at a half glass of water and say it’s half-empty; a positive, happy person would say it’s half-full.

Believe it or not, there is something positive in almost every event outcome. Here are some examples of how to look at things positively. You can of course dismiss them as unrealistic on some pretext or the other; that’s understandable, since you have a negative mindset to start with!

Event: You have a flat tire
Positive view: You get exercise by changing the flat

Event: You run out of bread
Positive view: You have a chance to broaden your palette by trying other foods

Event: You have a bad relationship with your spouse
Positive view: You have an opportunity to overhaul your personality

For you to change your interpretation of events as described above, you have to foster a particularly important, life-altering belief: EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR THE GOOD. And for that to happen, you need to believe that the Universe (or God, if you’re more comfortable with that) has a good purpose in mind.

Believing (“knowing” would be more accurate) that everything happens for the good can help you out when you cannot immediately think of how an outcome can be positive: you merely decide that although you do not know how the outcome could have a positive side to it (someone getting involved in a car accident, for instance), there is a positive side and you might become aware of it later (this has happened to me several times).

So to summarize what you need to do to turn your lousy life into a good one,

1. Believe that you can make your life happy

2. Believe that the Universe has a good purpose for everything

3. Therefore believe that everything happens for the good
Look for that good (i.e., something positive) in the outcome of each of life’s events

As a result, when you feel that all the events of your life have turned out well, your opinion of your overall life will be that… it’s good!

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Lucky Balaraman is a life coach based at Chennai, India who teaches that making your life pleasurable boils down to optimizing your thinking by realizing your unshakeable, true identity. Read his guidelines at http://CalmAndCool.com .

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