Wikipedia is an online platform associates with encyclopedia where anyone can add their own pages, articles and information. It is a non-profit site that doesn’t publish any advertisements and delivers content with 100% originality and authentication. This is the reason why Wikipedia’s status has emerged as the most “authenticated side” in the search results. Having a Wikipedia page will increase notability o your company, enhances your company’s reputation of being credible and develops a sense of integrity of your business.
Following are the overview of the Wikipedia creation process and the guidelines for making an authentic Wikipedia page for your company that will guarantee to sail through the approval process:

1. Research is important
Before going for Wikipedia experts for hire, you should do your own research first. Acknowledge yourself with Wikipedia community and how it works. You should have the knowledge about all the rules that are to be followed for being a good Wikipedia citizen and ensures your page won’t be deleted or removed. Make sure that the topic you choose should be authentic, unbiased and well sourced. Copy paste of any copyrighted content is highly unacceptable in the Wikipedia community.

2. Register Wikipedia account
Make yourself registered in the Wikipedia community. It allows you to create a user profile that will benefit you in many ways. For example, it notifies you when other users make any changes or alter the content of your articles. Moreover, you can get credits for your contribution and writings in Wikipedia.

3. Compile your sources
Creating one original, plagiarism-free page is much of a hassle, so it would be easier if you gather all your sources for the reference before creating one. Sources are extremely important for creating a Wikipedia page, as it gives a sense of legitimacy and credibility of your page. Most importantly, make sure that you have verified all the information before using it on your page. All the content should be fact-checked and unbiased before you send a final copy for review.

4. Submit your page for review
Once you are done with your page, you will need to submit it to Wikipedia for review. The process can take a few days or weeks to get a response. After Wikipedia’s community editors are finished reviewing your article, they may ask for more resources from you to proofread your article’s credibility. If everything goes okay and perfect, it will be published on their site and are available to the public for viewing.

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Nick Johnson is a creative writer.