Instagram(IG) is considered as one of the most engaging social media platforms in the world. Since its conception, a lot has changed. Today, many brand owners now take the platform as their number one business marketing platform. For this reason, IG has played a huge role in the marketing tactics of many.
It is no myth that a more appealing and well structured IG account is more likely to get a follow from a random user than an account that is poorly structured and offers low aesthetics. If you are looking for the best ways you can set your account a little different from every other account, you must know that the design, light correction and look of your profile could contribute hugely to that.
Your feed is regarded as the face of your business. Users will always view your profile before following. It is important to leave a solid and positive impression on them with the theme and design of your feed. This is one of the many measures for retaining clients. If you are looking for tips on how you can do this, below is a brief rundown on some of the top tricks to give your Instagram feed that appealing and attractive appearance. Heres the deal:
Make Use of Grids
Ensuring you make use of a grid layout is a great way for you to structure and correctly align your posts on your feed. Reviewing how your posts are positioned on your feed is a great way to boost its visual appeal. Most users on IG will show interest in a profile that denotes quality design and structure. Visualizing your feed in form of a grid can helps you discover how you can structure posts.
Plan A Theme To Be Used
Come up with a theme for your feed on IG. By doing this, you get to know what kind of designs are most likely to suit the style of your feed. You can research different types of designs before deciding. Do you want your feed to show photos that are colorful, tropical, or just natural? Planning a theme is a way you can find out.
Use Only One Filter
Filters are an extra way to add precise color styles to your photos. If you wish to get a matching color for all of your photos, be sure to use a filter and stick to it. Because you will be using just one filter, make sure you choose the best one that would better enhance the look of your photos. Hence, giving your Instagram feed that unique sense of styling.
Organize and Rearrange Your Posts To Help Your Theme Flow
Grids are sure to help you do this. But it takes the mind to figure out what post should stay on top, or below the other. By rearranging your posts, you can easily add a blend of amazing visual appeal and an incredible structure form to your IG feed.
Not too many business owners attend to the visual appeal of their business's Instagram feed. If you are one of them, you must learn to customize and create a great design for your profile. This is most likely to keep clients retained. After all, who does not love a good looking design?

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