There are numerous meditation techniques for beginners devised to provide relief to the people who are just annoyed by their busy and brain clutching routines. A large majority of the people seeking for meditation techniques for beginners are of those people who do some job and remain all the time stressed due to heavy workload or accomplishment of their targets. Meditation is not something new; people have been doing various meditation practices since ancient times to reduce stress and relax themselves.
Breathing is considered to be one of the best, fast and tempting meditation techniques for beginners. First of all you need to find some quiet corner where you can spend a few minutes without any disturbance. Sit in a relaxing position i.e. stretch your legs with feet together and lay back with your head, neck and back as straight as possible. Place your hands with palms open resting on your thighs. Close your eyes; let your cheeks loosen and then breathe in slowly. Hold your breath for just a while and then exhale it through your mouth. Breathing slowly doesn’t mean that you have to fill up your lungs. Breaths should be slow but longer than the normal. While inhaling air though your nostrils just imagine that something positive is entering your body like strength, peace, love or something else that you feel deficient in your body. And when you exhale the air through your mouth, only thing about relaxing your body. Don’t let your thoughts wander here and there rather keep focusing on your breaths.
These meditation techniques for beginners really work. Don’t try to hook up with many meditation techniques for beginners at the same time as it will create fuss instead of bringing relaxation.
The next meditation technique for beginners is somehow similar to the first one but this time you need to think about some positive words in your mind while inhaling and then think about relaxing yourself. Focus on your feet when you exhale the air from your mouth. Continue this practice but keep changing your focus slowly towards the upper parts of your body i.e. towards your legs and abdomen. You’ll feel peace entering your body and stress getting out. Then proceed further focusing your chest, neck and head till you feel that your whole body is now relaxed and you have become tension free.
A few minutes practice of these meditation techniques for beginners will convince you that you can take great advantage from these techniques. When you feel that your body is relaxed and you find a sense of peace inside you, focus right on midst of your eyebrows. Don’t let any thought come to your mind while inhaling air and think about relaxing your body while exhaling it. Say to yourself while exhaling “I am just restoring the peace of my body and mind”.
Always remember that these meditation techniques for beginners are not some magic spells that will confiscate your stress at once; you have to make them a part of your daily routine. You can start with a five minutes practice and then increase the duration to almost thirty minutes. With the passage of time, you will gradually be able to rule your body and will feel that your efforts have borne fruit. You can find more meditation techniques for beginners with a little research but remember the thing again that don’t go for more than one meditation techniques at one time.

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