How you deal with your channel partners as a technology vendor and how you provide them with information is a crucial thing if you want to strengthen your channel communications. A healthy channel program with several departments in your company can help your partners get communications in a significant way. What you need to do as a vendor is to communicate internally with a view to schedule partner communications in such a way that your partners do not get barraged. Here are some tips and things to remember that can help you do communications with your partners in right manner.

How Will You Take Care of Your Communications Schedule?

If you are looking to have the best way to take care of your communication process with your channel in efficient manner, then leave it to just one person who can easily and shrewdly monitor and deal with your communications schedule. That person is responsible for the approvals of communications prior to sending them. The person who is assigned this task to control the job, is supposed to be confident with sound organizational knowledge. In addition to this, this person is supposed to have good understanding of your channel's business objectives. It is of utmost importance to know how you can communicate properly and more efficiently with your partners.

Update Your Communication Schedule on Regular Basis

Even if you have a person taking care of your communication schedule and balancing it, ensure that your communication schedule is updated on regular basis. It does not mean that you should indulge in writing a long email chain to communicate your schedule. What is more effective is to keep the schedule posted to an internal wiki and you can share it through internal network or you can share calendars in case your company makes use of Google Apps.

Add Information and Communications to Newsletter

For effective partner email communications you can get a point person and create a monthly calendar of communications you wish to prioritize. You can add information and communications like upcoming partner webinars or training videos to the newsletter. This will add a charm to your messages and offer good content when it comes to giving out newsletter for the month.

Enhance Your email Strategy Using Social Media

Needless to say that email is a powerful tool for keeping your partners updated with the information and communications you intend to supply but it is not desirable as well to flood them with too many messages. What you can do is to enhance your email strategy with the use of social media. You can encourage your partners to connect and follow your company on some of the powerful social media alternatives like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Social media can help you reach your partners in less disrupting way.

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