There is nothing more powerful than being there when a potential customer is specifically looking for your product or service.

Online classified websites such as Craigslist and Backpage are extremely popular. Millions of consumers frequent these sites every day looking for products and services they plan to buy soon.

Therefore, your business must place ads there, to face your potential customers. If not, it is the same as if you let the earnings slip between your fingers.

Just put … classified ads are effective and very low cost … a winning combination.

Classified ads also allow you to face potential LOCAL customers. When looking for local products or services, consumers tend to flock to classified sites.

Many classified sites are spread across geographic areas, making it easy for consumers to find what they need, in the area they specify.

Although most of the classified ads websites in yeebia are free, creating ads as good as those shown in search engines requires some skill for your productive keywords.

Most classified ad sites have typical sections such as real estate, work, and household products. However, they also have sections for business services — which is where most local business owners place their ads.

As people visit classified ad sites looking for suppliers of products and services, they usually get better results than traditional advertising methods.

They are extremely effective and allow you to reach both a selected audience and an audience as wide as the world.

Classified ads are also extremely important when it comes to SEO. Just like your website can jump into search engines when people search for your type of service, so can your classified ad.

Not only that but putting your link to your website in your classified ad gives you a powerful backlink to it, which in turn helps you to have a higher ranking over time.

· The more retro-links you have on your website, the better!

· Classified ads can be a very powerful marketing tool if you understand how to use it properly.

· It is affordable, sought after and usually generates a wide response from local consumers.

· Placing classified ads can be time-consuming, but the process itself is quite simple.

Create an account on the classified site of your choice and then follow the steps to place an ad:

· Make sure the ad title is captivating attention and contains keywords that your potential customers will use to find your product or service.

· Make sure your ad text is a driver with a strong call to action.

· Make sure your ad body uses any of the appropriate keywords.

· Make sure there is a back-link to your website to generate backlinks as well as to channel more traffic to your website.

· A picture is worth a thousand words! Use an image in your ad if possible, they simply give better results.

As time goes by, your classified ad falls into the list of results as other ads are added. Be sure to place ads frequently so that they remain near the top of the list. Some classified sites really allow you to promote your ad at the top of the list, from time to time.

If you have to struggle with any part of the process of placing a classified ad, any online marketing consultant will be able to help you maximize the use of online classified ads in your business.

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