Being in the habit of having early caffeine, you are thirsty for knowing how to make coffee. Keep calm and here you have the guideline down below!

An everyday hot sweet cup of coffee in the morning is a fresh start for your working day. But have you ever wanted to know how to make coffee perfectly? Have you ever questioned yourself how spongy yet strong caffeine is made?

In this article, we will introduce to you the detailed process of creating a coffee cup and suggestions of some coffee-producing machines. If you are a coffee addict, you can read the product review and comparison articles on Goodorbad4u. This is a trusted blog that shares a lot of the useful information about the household utensils and appliances, so you can choose the best coffee maker for you with ease.

Do not keep you a moment, let's learn how to make a coffee cup correctly!

How To Make Coffee - A Basic Recipe

Prepared elements

There is no difficulty in brewing a cup of coffee, as all the essential elements we need are: filtered water, pure ground caffeine, and a precise proportion in producing.

At first, the need for filtered water is above all other elements since the purer water, the stronger the coffee flavor. Unless there are remaining impurities, the coffee cup is unlikely to hold its true flavor.  If tasting coffee is an art, then you have to cherish it to the utmost.

The second most necessary element that needs preparation is pure ground coffee. To strengthen the savor of your morning drink, please choose the quality coffee producers and grind them. Perfect ground coffee makes up a lot for the quality of your cup.

Finally, a precise proportion, like other recipes, takes the responsibility of blending ground coffee and water. The basic proportion is 100ml of coffee with 300ml of the coffee first water. Based on this proportion, you can adjust the flavor up to your taste.

3 steps in making a coffee cup

Even if you don’t own an automatic coffee producing machine ( like Jura D6 and E6 ), you can brew a coffee cup with outstanding flavor following these steps:

First, boil filtered water, then keep it sitting for about 1 minute. Afterward, you should use this heated water to rinse the filter, then put 25-gram ground coffee into the filter of your basket.

The second step is to slowly pour 30ml of hot water into the basket until it completely wet the coffee. You need to wait for about 2 - 3 minutes after this step, once the ground coffee rises, press the cap and pour 50ml more water.

Finally, close the cap and wait. There you have completed the basics of brewing a coffee cup. After your cup is done, you may cover the upper layer of it with spongy cream, or mix it with condensed milk. It’s all up to your likings.


After scrolling down our article, we believe you have found yourself a new method to upgrade your manually making coffee. However, in case you are not interested in handmade cups, you may buy coffee-producing machines to help.

Jura D6 vs E6, both these two are easy to handle and they can fast-produce delicious coffee cups for you. It’s all up to your choices, a machine or a handmade recipe, which one is the answer to your wondering “How to make coffee”?

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