Homemade doesn’t have to be complicated

For many pet owners having the right supplies is always important, from the food to the toys to the grooming supplies. In the case of grooming supplies finding the right shampoo is essential, because like humans there are some brands that may not work for certain dogs or dogs have a certain reaction to different brands. Thus begins the pet owner’s journey of looking for the best dog shampoo by finding the right brand for the right price, or they can make it themselves.

Nowadays it’s not out of the ordinary for people to DIY, do it yourself, thanks to blogs, online instructions, YouTube videos, etc. Whether it’s to try something new or to save time and money, people have access to all sorts of information that allows them to try things out for themselves.

Making a dog shampoo is one of the tamer projects that one can do. There are various online recipes that pet owners have access to, but that doesn’t mean they are limited and have to stick with those recipes. There are basic recipes online on sites such as petful.com or petguide.com, these site have basic recipes for fleas, dry skin, or for a dry shampoo. Most of the recipes only require basic items that can be bought in general stores.

Once you know the process and the basic ingredients that are needed to make a homemade dog shampoo you can start experimenting with different items and see how they work out. Using items like essential oils, fruit and vegetable juices, etc. Different ingredients have different properties that address certain dog fur and skin needs, so experimenting with different items can make the project a bit more fun.

But before pursuing this project it’s important to research what ingredients are being used in online recipes or when experimenting with those different ingredients. Though it’s not always obvious dogs can have a reaction to certain items that can cause them to be itchy, to sneeze, or they need certain ingredients to be used for their fur and skin in order to be healthy, i.e. oatmeal.

Now once the research is done and you have all your ingredients mixing the shampoo together is relatively simple, some online instructions simply say to add the different items together in a bottle, cap it, then shake it all together. If anything the important part to remember is to measure the different ingredients correctly and making sure your dog isn’t having an allergic reaction.

DIY projects are a great way to not only try something new, but it’s also a great way to insure that your dog is getting what they need from their shampoo. While it may seem easier going out and buying a different brand, it can become a waste if the shampoo isn’t the right one.

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