How to make friends. My parents were always very critical if I was friendly with another child at school. We never had birthday parties, never invited anyone round, there was just my dad, my mum and me with no visitors whatsoever and mum and dad never took me anywhere. I would go to school and then be stuck in the house all of the rest of the time.

When I escaped -and what a relief that was - I got married and started to live a more normal life. But whenever I spoke to my parents on the phone they would chastise me if I mentioned seeing a friend, even if I just had a cup of coffee with a neighbour. Their way of looking at things was that they owned me and I was theirs to be at their beck and call and should always put their needs first, and should not need other people too.

Things were reasonable until my husband and I separated and then got a divorce. We were not suited and I realised I had only got married to him to escape my parents, which would have been impossible as I did not have the money to go and live on my own as a single person but could do it if I was with someone else and we both paid half.
Once I was separated I was incredibly lonely with the choice of being my parent's slave at their beck and call or being on my own a lot.

Friends are important and I have found over the years that a lot of women who are married or with a guy do not value theirs and take them for granted. I have lost count of the number of women who wanted to be friends yet would always be far too busy with hubby or boyfriend to have time to stay in touch or meet up, but then when they argued or split they would want to come running to me for a listening ear, then disappear again when they make up or find someone new. Not nice. And I can do without it.

So my goal is to make some good friends - not users and fly by nights, not fair weather friends, but decent ones who care. My psychic medium has advised me that the next twelve months are good for this and I will do my best.
In the meantime I would rather be lonely and spend a lot of time on my own than make do with being my parents' slave.

Being single is fine, I am in no rush to find another man. There are times when we need to grow up and become mature and sometimes we cannot do that when we are in a mental or emotional straight jacket, forever being watched or answering to others, and once we reach a certain age it should never be that way. Am so glad that I consulted a good psychic medium who helped me to have the strength, self awareness and wisdom I needed to carry on.

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