The American began its journey as Inter-island Airways in January 1929. His first flight linked Maui and the Big Island. At that time their fleet consisted of two Sikorsky S8 amphibious aircrafts with capacity of eight passengers and a Bellanca monoplane with which they offered tourist excursions. In 1941 it changed to Hawaiian Airlines and made its first service to California. The Hawaiian Airlines company travels mainly in American Samoa. With Hawaiian Airlines you can reach cities like Mersing, Oakland and Las Vegas by flight. Hawaiian Airlines covers 74 itineraries in American Samoa, Australia, Japan and Taiwan. In just a few steps with easy navigation and user-friendly interface of Hawaiian Airlines reservations website, you’ll be having fun in the lush, warm beaches of Hawaii.

There are few amount of steps involved to make Hawaiian Airline booking:

Firstly, login to your Hawaiian Airlines Account using your credentials over their official website.
After logging in, you’ll reach your homepage that stores all the information like your miles balance.
Click on the tab “Book Award Travel”
Now you have entered the booking page, just fill in the details and check the fare by clicking on miles/dollar.
As soon as you select the departure option, the site will take you to the itinerary page that includes your flight details, along with the price with taxes.
Baggage with Hawaiian Airlines
With Hawaiian Airlines you can carry hand luggage with a maximum size of 55x40x20 in cm and a maximum weight of 10 in kg. You can carry a small additional bag of a maximum of 30x15x20 cm to place under the seat. If you want to add additional luggage, the dimensions allowed are 200cm with a maximum weight of 23kg (price from € 50). The baggage allowance may vary depending on the route, class and fare; please check the exact baggage conditions specified on the ticket or contact our customer service team.

Hawaiian Airlines Fares
When you buy a Hawaiian airlines ticket, you have the option to choose between 1 different rates. Discover the characteristics and conditions of Hawaiian airlines reservations flight fares to select the option that best suits your requirements and comfort; whether it is a low cost seat ticket or if you prefer flexibility of standard fares.

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