You can consider yourself as a true lover only if you manage to make your girl scream out your name in uncontrollable pleasure and make her beg for more sex.

Use these tips to make your girl come back for more, repeatedly.

Know her needs. Each girl has different needs and you need to understand your girl's needs first before you make any advances. This will help you to please your girl totally even as she feels special while squirming happily in your arms.

Do not focus only on sex. Even though you might be leading your lady towards a memorable night of pleasure, make sure to get her romantic senses stimulated first instead of only concentrating on the physical aspect. This will make her open up to you without any fear or hesitation.

Set up the right mood for sex. Once you bring over the girl to your home, make sure to excite her senses with the help of dim lighting, scented candles and some soft music. Dance away in each others arms before initiating any sexual moves.

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Pay heed to kissing and caressing. You should begin by kissing your girl on her lips, cheeks, forehead, shoulders, navel and thighs before proceeding to her tender nipples or even her moist vagina. Her soft moans will indicate that she welcomes your sensual moves.

Extend foreplay. Most guys simply kiss for a few moments before moving hurriedly to the sexual act. Foreplay itself is loved by all girls and the right moves will easily lead her to multiple orgasms even as she excitedly waits for sexual intercourse to commence.

Stimulate her sensitive vagina. Your girl's vagina is home to her tender clitoris and the mystical g spot. Use your tongue and fingers to activate both these sensitive parts so as to take her through an erotic tour of the seventh heaven.

Last longer. To truly enjoy your sexual activity, make sure that you learn to control your motions. Try out different sexual positions too so as to make her yell out your name in uncontained joy. An extended foreplay followed by a long session of sexual intercourse will have her begging for more sex every time you meet.

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Most men aren't giving their women great sex. That's a fact. In this article you'll find out how to give your woman BETTER SEX by avoiding these common mistakes that at least 90% of men make in bed.

So read on carefully and start giving your woman more SEXUAL PLEASURE tonight...

Avoid These Mistakes That 90% Of Guys Make In Bed And Start Giving Your Woman More Pleasure

1. Not Being Patient

To be a good lover, you have to be patient. Most guys are not patient. If they want sex, they expect it and if they don't get it -- they often sulk. This is a big mistake. Sometimes she's just not in the mood and that needs to be respected.

2. Expecting Her To Do All The Work

Many men want their women to instigate the sex and take the lead. But this is the exact opposite of what most women want. Most women are in fact sexually submissive. Therefore, to give your woman BETTER SEX -- you are the one who needs to instigate the sex and take control (at least most of the time).

3. Not Spending Enough Time On Foreplay

Women love foreplay and foreplay is a great time to give your woman a clitoral orgasm and some vaginal orgasms before intercourse. But most men rush foreplay and this greatly reduces their women's pleasure. Don't make this mistake. Instead, take your time and enjoy the whole process.

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4. Doing The Same Things Over And Over Again

This is a recipe for really boring sex. Lights on, missionary, 20 minutes, one orgasm each -- No thanks. Use your imagination and try new and interesting things. This will instantly improve your love-making.

5. Not Talking Dirty

Women need dirty talk. They don't just like it or want it -- they NEED it.
Yet many men don't like it or are scared to do it. Such men will never please their women completely. You must start TALKING DIRTY to your woman. The sex will instantly improve when you do.

6. Not Making The Sex 'Naughty'

Women adore NAUGHTY SEX.

Here are 5 ways to make the sex naughty:

- Leave her panties on and pull them to one side before intercourse

- Lightly restrain her by holding her arms down above her head whilst you are doing her 'missionary' style


- Spank her

- Film yourselves 'doing it'

7. Not Giving Her Vaginal Orgasms

The greatest mistake 90% of guys make in the bedroom that causes them to give their women mediocre (or totally lame) sex is not giving their women VAGINAL ORGASMS. If you want to give your woman BETTER SEX and a lot of sexual pleasure -- you must give her vaginal orgasms.

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Sounds- A female needs stimulation of all the senses to achieve an orgasm therefore you must stimulate all her senses effectively. You must tell her how much you love her and how good she looks in bed. The sounds which a female loves in bed is the sound of your voice especially when you tell her how good she looks.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

Smells- This is another very important aspect of getting a girl to achieve an orgasm. One of the best possible ways to deal with this would be to light perfumed candles so that the whole room has a nice soothing smell. You see smells play a big role when it comes to being great in bed and achieve the desired results.

Taste- This is another very vital part of getting a female to achieve an eventual orgasm fast. It's good to add some food with your foreplay preferably cherry's and cream. Sharing food in bed not only adds something extra to the atmosphere but it also triples the pleasure. You see when you add up all these factors a female would be in the perfect position to achieve multiple orgasms.

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All men want to be able to do in the bedroom is to please their women. That is all that you want to do. You don't want to do anything showy or out of line; you just want to see her squirm and to watch her body tremble because of what you are doing to her. You just want to give her the satisfaction that she deserves. Now it's time that you did that.

Women receive some of the best pleasure when they are having oral sex performed on them. This is because a lot of women can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation and that is what oral sex entails the most. A lot of women can only have an orgasm from this method so that means that if you really want to please her, you better be amazing at oral.

You want to learn the best way to go down on a girl. In order to do that, you are going to need to learn some of the best cunnilingus techniques that will surely blow her mind and that will make her scream your name. These are the tips that she is craving the most in the bedroom. It's time to give her what she wants.

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Women want more than just your tongue when it comes to oral sex. Most men just get to licking when they are down there and although that does feel amazing, if you want to give her the best and if you want to make her scream, you are going to need to do more than that.

Instead of just tonguing her, you should use your entire mouth. Your soft lips have so much potential to give her pleasure that will really make her weak in the knees. You can kiss her down there and you can use both your lips and your tongue to accomplish that. Feeling your soft lips in addition to your warm tongue will send her into overdrive. After a few minutes of this slow, sensual pleasure, she is going to be begging for more.

If you really want to make your woman scream your name in the bedroom and to have her clawing at the sheets because she can't take it, then adding your fingers to the party will do just that. Stimulate her g-spot with your fingers. After a few minutes of amazing clitoral stimulation, she will either be climaxing or begging for more. When you stimulate the clitoris for a while, the g-spot becomes more and more engorged. It will be firing at all cylinders and she will feel so much satisfaction and pleasure once you touch her where she wants.

By adding all of these tips together and performing them at the same time, this is a lethal combination that is going to result in her having one of the most memorable and earth-shattering orgasms she's ever had.

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