How to make your ex girlfriend come crawling back even if she was the one who called the relationship off? That might seem like a super power technique or a mind control machine but the truth is you can do it without any high-tech machine or a magic spell. If you did the things we will discuss here you will be able to get your ex girlfriend to beg you back and you will be the one who puts the terms and conditions.

Ready? Let us discuss this secret formula that will make her come crawling back to you:

Do not be upset if she is in a rebound relationship: Do you know that almost nine of ten rebound relationships fail miserably. If you see your girlfriend in a rebound relationship then you have to be proud. Why? Because she can not forget about you and she tries to get someone to fill the void in her life.

It is not too late. If you believe that you had lost your girlfriend the moment she is in a rebound relationship then you need to keep confident and calm.

Make yourself slightly unavailable: People always pursue what they can't get. If you made your self cheap and you kept texting, e-mailing, calling, begging and pleading she will treat you as a doormat. If you kept a mysterious behavior and you made yourself unavailable she will be doubtful. Women in general are curious and she would rather try to know what is making you busy to that extent. You need to see more about it at: Make Her Beg You

Use the power of good memories: Ask yourself why my ex left me. You will surely find two or three things that might have been the reasons behind the breakup. Work on eliminating them and show yourself as a new man. She will forget about what was wrong because you do not do the same mistakes anymore. What is left now? The good things that she will start to remember. If your plan was right she will start remembering you as a good boyfriend or a husband. She will miss you and she will do the chasing.

Use a step-by-step approach: Remember that whatever your situation was she will not break up with you to return back to you at the same day. You need to define your ultimate goal (Getting her back) and work on tiny goals that will lead to the ultimate goal. For example make your first goal to make her call you. There are many ways you can do this like sending her a text message telling her that you appreciate what she has done. She will be curious and she will call you to know what she has done with you. This way you had led her to initiate the first step. Then the next tiny goal might be to meet her in a coffee place. You might want to go out with her in the fifth tiny goal you do. If you planned your steps well, you will lead her back to you. And then your goal to make her come back to you will be an easy task. You can see more about it at: Ways To Win Her Back

Break-ups are, without doubt, one of the most painful experiences people go through - which is why in many cases, we often end up pushing the ex even further away instead of winning them back. In reality, there is a whole strategy for getting your ex back that works 90% of the time - and in this article, I reveal to you a secret technique that made my own ex come begging to me to take her back - after just 17 days!

First of all, you must understand that women both crave attention and take it for granted - so if you keep stalking and pleading with her after the break-up, she will both enjoy it and assume that you'll always be there for her, no matter what she does. Contrary to popular belief, this won't demonstrate to her how much you love her - if anything, she'll see you as a needy guy whom she can keep as emotional backup in case her next relationship goes sour. You can find more about it at: You can find more about it at: How To Make Her Beg For Your Attention

To make her come running back to you, you must break the pattern and show her that not only can you move on, but that you actually WILL do so - unless she does something fast. The best way to do it is to initiate what relationship experts call "No Contact", which is when you basically cut all contact with your ex and do not respond to any communication from her.

The "No Contact" technique is highly effective because it shows your ex that you're not an obsessed, needy guy - rather, you're a confident man who doesn't desperately need her in his life. You're a challenge - and if there's one thing women love, it's challenging men.

When she realizes that you're no longer begging her to come back, she will be both frustrated and curious, but more importantly, she will begin to respect you. Women admire men who don't always put them on pedestal and can reject their attention, because it encourages them to try to win the man's heart instead of just expecting him to give them unconditional adoration without any effort on their part.

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