Nobody receives a break up letter with smiles, people work hard to build and keep a relationship but it is obvious that people stay together only when they are compatible, like the saying..."two cannot walk except they agree." relationships works when the two involved are truly in love, when their behaviors and way of life suits each other. When all of this are not in place, a breakup becomes inevitable. Let’s look at the causes of a split in relationship (when she leaves him) and how to curb it.

Among all causes of break up in relationships, lack of confident and control on the side of the guy often contributes a major quota. So if you want to be the guy that finally gets the beautiful girls. Learn to behave like you have something to contribute. Like you are pretty much trying to bring her along and cut off all those "please take me attitude" and start being the man she would dream about. The man she would want to fall in love with, the "tough one"

There are two major reasons that can get a pretty girl to initiate a break up

1. When There is a Better Alternative.

This is one of the major causes of a break up; Women are always looking for a better alternative when it comes to dating and relationships. More than fifty percent of all girls would consider leaving their present boyfriend for a top celebrity if presented with the opportunity. Yes! That's the truth. They would sight issues like curbing poverty and having more power.

Now, That is looking for a better alternative; If you want to get a girl and get her to fall in love and keep her, then you need to understand what women really want from men, OK what do women actually want from a guy. They would say - love, protection and power or control. OK how do you tell a girl you are powerful or you can protect her? Buy a gun? show her your muscles, or just keep saying it to her "hey girl I am powerful" then she would be saying "if you are powerful you wouldn't say it before I know It." women are always interpreting what we say in their own way.

Women want to fall in love with a guy that can protect them, they feel safer and a bit secure with the super star. Those feelings of being with the upper class, like all things are beneath them, but we all can't be super star. But surprisingly we could still get women to feel like that. How marvelous! Yes you can get any woman to feel on top of the world by being the best of yourself. Guys would always outdo themselves in relationships; we always do the wrong things while trying to add up.

2. Be their dream man.

If you think you are not worth a pretty girl then you cannot keep her, Nobody really worth anything until they say so themselves. Even pretty girls end up often with a very confident non handsome guy. If a woman have to stay with you, there must be something manly about you that would keep her, the "old poor little me" attitude sends pretty girls away.

I want this to really sink into the head of any guy reading this; women want a better guy so if you don't want to get a breakup letter one of the ways of being the better alternative is by being the man. The kind of man women would hunger after. Many guys just walk up to a pretty girl and hope to buy their way to the top. Women are attracted to leaders not followers get this and it would be enough. Guys want to work very hard to please a woman. They buy gifts and give a million compliments, do everything the woman says, and that entire "nice guy" attitude. That's when you start asking for the break up letter.

So if you want to have a successful relationship learn to control your appetite yes, she is beautiful, I know but when you "wuss" around like she is more than you or when you say it to her, you know those words we think would get them excited, those compliments "baby I know I don't deserve you, Please promise you wouldn't leave me" that is insecurity, it is not being a man it gets woman thinking "why should I be stuck with a "crying man." Really, Maturity attracts. Yes, women are attracted to matured guys and they always want to stay with the tough ones so if you want to avoid break up at all cost, get tough and matured.

If you want to avoid the breakup letter, learn to be a man who understand and controls affairs, no need crying to gain acceptance, it is not necessary trying to bribe her with gifts and compliments to get her to do what you want.

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