If how to make lube is the sort of question that's keeping you 'up' at nights; keep on reading! Lubricant, lubrication or just simply Lube; is a substance that has the consistency of a gel. The raisen-d'etre of lube is to make sex acts feel more smooth, sensuous and comfortable.

Lube can be used to enhance all sexual experiences; whether with your partner, on your own or with your favourite toys!

Finding somewhere to buy lube is easy, it's even available in your local store. However, for some people, the act of purchasing lube can be difficult: whether through age restrictions or affordability.

Planned Parenthood (Toronto) offers free samples of lube. But, if you cannot access this service or if you're finding it difficult to get hold of this slippery sex aid, here are a few ideas about how to make homemade lube.

As a general word of warning before we begin. It's advisable to test the homemade lube on a small patch of skin before you go putting it where the sun doesn't shine. This way, if you do have a reaction to it, you will limit the effect to a small, non-sensitive area. Your elbow is a good place to test it out on.

Aloe Vera

When you try this as your homemade lube make sure it is 100% aloe vera and not the kind that's been mixed with alcohol. You'll be able to find it in most drug stores or your local pharmacy. 100% aloe vera is compatible with condoms and latex, so it should pretty much suit whatever takes your fancy.

Coconut, Olive or Avocado Oil

If you are going solo (yes, we are talking about masturbation) then any one of these three options is a great choice. Whichever one you go for, make sure it is one of the organic, unrefined types you use.

These, however, cannot be used with condoms as the oils in them reduce their protection level. There is also a risk of UTI (urinary tract infection) from using these lubes, especially to those already prone to these infections.

Sex therapist Brier Jirka believes that such as avocado, coconut, and olive oil can be used as a homemade lube, just as they are. They give you a great sensation and can be used all over your body. One of the main benefits of using oil-based, homemade lube is that it lasts much longer than a water-based one.

Coconut oil homemade lube is particularly intriguing. Everyone is quite aware of how good coconut oil is for catering and beauty purposes. However, not many are aware of its benefit in perineal massage for women preparing for childbirth.

And, of course, as a homemade lube, coconut oil is great. When you first apply it, the consistency is quite thick. Once it warms up, though, it will keep things nice and slippery.

Egg Whites

This idea may well shock you at first, especially if you are a vegan; with the reluctance of putting any type of animal products in your body. There is also the association that eggs have with salmonella.

Any vegan tendencies you may have could be difficult to get over; but as far as salmonella goes, this risk can be eliminated by using pasteurized egg white mix. Many people have a contrary opinion and refuse to put eggs anywhere on the body, other than their mouths.
As a brief aside; another use for egg whites in the genetic areas is to aid conception. Many women within homeopathic groups believe it helps guide sperm to the right place. Despite the mess, it causes when applying it (as most lubes cause), they are ready to embrace eggs for not just nutritional benefits.

Keep Your Homemade Lube Natural

The best advice we can give when asked the question "how to make a homemade lube?", is to keep things natural. Something that is natural and organic will always be a better option than a homemade lube that is brimming with chemicals.

Recipe For A Water-Based Homemade Lube

Making your own homemade lube is easy. All you need is one cup of water and 4 teaspoons of cornstarch. Mix these ingredients; then bring it to the boil on a low to medium heat, stirring frequently. That's about as difficult as home-made lube gets. Hopefully, that has answered your question of "how to make a homemade lube?". Now go and have some home-made-lube fun.

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