How To Make Husband Feel Special: How To Make Your Husband Feel Loved And Respected

It's normal for couples to feel ecstatic right after their wedding and even up to a few years after it. But this wedded bliss lasts only up to a certain point that's why the couple needs to work hard beyond those blissful years. As a wife, what do you think you can do to make your husband feel special?

Love him unconditionally.
You should pamper him and give him what he desires but you must be careful not to require anything in return. If you love him only because he brings home a lot of money, then that's loving the money, not the guy.

Convey your feelings and thoughts to him.
He is your husband and you are believed to be but one being now. So that means he should be the primary person that you should express your plans, worries, thoughts, and other kinds of feelings to. He's practically your family now so be good to him.

Give him his much-desired offspring.
Your husband will surely be the happiest man on the planet once he sees his little Junior. Create a family with him and plan your future together.

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When things get dull, spice 'em up!
All married couples go through the boredom phase but what you do about this is what's going to make the huge difference. If it's your sex life that needs a little improvement, then you can spice things up in this department by reading books or magazines that could help you reignite your passion for your spouse.

Love him and your children.
Your children are God's gifts to you and these are proofs that you and he did well in creating the perfect, cute beings. So love him and these cute bundles of joy. Your husband will surely feel special if you place them at the very top of your list of priorities.

Your looks prove your level of affection for him.
If you cared enough in the past to apply the right kind of makeup and dressing up in your most fashionable clothing, then why stop now? You should double your efforts now that he's your husband because he's got to see that you haven't turned into a slob.

Be grateful that he's your husband.
Your marriage vows included a promise to be together through thick or thin. So be grateful that you have him by your side no matter what your present circumstances are. Let him feel that he's valued for his efforts and you are sure to have a contented husband.

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Relationships start with passion. Without passion, love can't possibly blossom. Needless to say, a good marriage can't exist without passion, unless it's a marriage of convenience. The withering of passion is one of the reasons why marriages fall apart, and restoring passion is needed when it comes to saving marriage.

When your relationship stars to cool off and lose its passion, you may think that your marriage has already hit rock bottom and there is no way to save it. This is not really the case for most couples. If both of you still love each other and think that saving your relationship is worth all the effort, then everything is not hopeless. In saving marriage, it is important to recognize and admit the problem; that the relationship has already lost some of its steam. When this problem is recognized, it will be possible to restore passion in your marriage.

How do you bring back and keep the fire burning in your relationship? Consider the following:

Be willing to try new things.

After a certain period of time, your relationship becomes routine. This is the point when things start to become boring. You do the same things over and over and there is practically no excitement left between the two of you. Do not let your relationship become hopelessly stale. Inject passion in your relationship by becoming more adventurous. You don't have to trek the highest mountain or go bungee jumping, but you should try new things with your partner. Saving marriage means exerting effort to make sure that things become more interesting between partners.

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Express yourself more.

It will help greatly if both of you become more demonstrative with your feelings. Remember the time when you were just going out? You were more expressive to your mate when it comes to kissing and hugging him. Bring this passion back to the present. Do not take the little things for granted. Simple things such as a goodbye kiss in the morning before going to work, saying I love you, giving flowers and cooking breakfast for your partner should always be a part of your relationship.


Saving marriage is all about being able to communicate with each other. Lots of couples develop barriers after some time, and this will strip the passion away in the union. These barriers develop when both partners have suddenly become too busy dealing with everyday life to and hence, they forget to each other heart to heart. Spending more time with each other is the first step in restoring or improving communication between the two of you. Problems should be discussed openly, and as soon as possible. Do not let problems go unresolved for long; this will only them worse and will strain the communication between you and your spouse. Lots of marriages break up because partners have kept issues to themselves for a long time, before they know it, these problems will rear its ugly head later in the relationship. Hiding problems will only make it worse. It's best to confront issues head on rather than risk the consequence of letting it blow up in your faces in the future.

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A marriage is a difficult enterprise to maintain. Even the most absolute commitment from both parties may make a marriage not work if it just can't stand up to the circumstances of the marriage. It can be hard to stay in a positive and calm mood when there's a conflict, but it can be worth it. It is still possible to get your spouse back and save your marriage if you follow concrete steps, even though they may seem hard.

The first step is to go with the flow and acknowledge that the relationship has changed a lot. A separation is the next logical step, and it might be the best thing for the relationship. More people than you would expect bounce back from a separation, and it can be the best thing just not to argue with your spouse's decision for a trial separation. People should accept that trial separations are often the best things for struggling relationships.

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How does a trial separation help you, however? The trick to a trial separation is betting that your spouse will realize that the grass is always greener on the other side, and it is wise to go with this ideology, and hope that your spouse feels that way in the end. If the marriage was strong enough to begin with, then they will come clamoring back for more when they find that they are emptier inside without you. The separation will actually bring the two of you closer together because it will not be so much stress on maintaining the relationship right in the moment. The spouse that will remember you fondly will only think of your positive qualities when they are separated from you. In the end, all the struggling, fighting, and arguing will just serve to re-enforce the bond and bring you closer together. If the two of you are brought a lot closer together through the experience, then it can be a godsend for the marriage.

When attempting to get the romance re-started, there are some things that will force your spouse to feel the same way they did about you when you were flirting. Try to re-create these circumstances and the things you did when you two were flirting so that it can restore the relationship. Doing the wrong things can make your spouse much less attracted to you so try to stick to the right things.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Luke was supposed to join Emily at the restaurant at 7, which was when they were supposed to meet their best friends, Joe and Maggie. It was Joe and Maggie's anniversary. They wanted to share it with Luke and Emily because Luke and Emily had been the ones who'd set them up in the first place. They'd been a foursome ever since.

Emily arrived at the restaurant at 6:55. Joe and Maggie got there at 7:05. At 7:15 there was still no sign of Luke. When Emily reached Luke on his cell it was clear that he'd completely lost track of time. He hadn't even left the house yet.

Scenario #1- When Emily disconnects from the call with Luke she turns to Maggie and Joe and says, "I'm so sorry, guys. Luke's running behind. You know how he is - he gets so engrossed in his work that he just loses all sense of time. Once those creative juices start flowing he gets lost in what he's writing." She smiles knowingly at Joe and Maggie and says, with obvious affection in her voice, "He's just such a wonderful writer that his stories take over his reality. He'll be here shortly. Let's go sit in the bar and have a drink while we wait for him." Joe and Maggie, following Emily's lead, smile and follow her into the bar.

Scenario #2 - When Emily disconnects from the call with Luke she turns to Maggie and Joe and says, "I'm so embarrassed. Luke was, as usual, lost in his own little world. He totally spaced on this dinner. This is just so like him to be inconsiderate of other people. I think we should just go have our dinner. If and when he finally shows up he can just catch up." She goes to the hostess and announces that their fourth may or may not be joining them but that she wants to be seated right away. Maggie and Joe are discomfited by her irritability with Luke but shrug their shoulders and follow her as they're led to their table.

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The fact that Luke was late was no different in the two scenarios. What was different was how Emily reacted to his being late. Emily attributed Luke's lateness very differently in the two cases. In Scenario #1, Emily is focused on a positive quality about Luke - his creativity. She attributes a negative behavior to a positive origin. In so doing she remains positive herself, even though she's disappointed that he's late.

In Scenario #2 Emily interprets Luke's behavior as originating in a negative quality - a lack of consideration for others. As a result of her attribution of Luke's negative behavior to a negative quality, Emily becomes very negative herself, angry and hurt and irritable.
Did Scenario #2 have to be this way? What influenced the direction? Did Emily have a choice?

First principle - there's always a reason. This reaction didn't come out of nowhere. If things are going well in the relationship in general, if there's a general positive regard between partners, then there is a much higher likelihood of Scenario #1. Whatever happens will likely be seen in a more positive light. If things are not going well in general, if there is a general negative regard between partners, there is a much higher likelihood of Scenario #2. Whatever happens will be seen in a more negative light.

Second principle - yes, there's a choice. Part of being in a relationship includes a responsibility to seek the positive in your partner. This doesn't mean disregarding or ignoring hurtful or insulting behaviors. It does mean going back to a foundation of trust. Trust that your partner wants to be a good partner, wants to make you happy, wants to be successful, and is not indifferent to your feelings. So you make an effort, moving past your immediate reaction, to focus on the positive. Then you work your way to trust. If the issue remains, you take it to your partner with open hands - share your feelings in a non-accusatory way, trusting that your partner wants to understand your feelings and be responsive to them, wants to be a good partner.

When you can choose positively and trustingly, it can move your relationship from general negative regard to general positive regard. Welcome to Scenario #1.

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