For a bike wheel to roll smoothly, all the spokes must be strong and well connected. They connect to the hub. The hub is the central point of the wheel and connects to the axel. As I discovered by my own experience, when one spoke out of the 20 on my bike wheel broke, the whole wheel was wobbly and I could not ride safely.

The Buddhist view of Karma, the principle of cause and effect, is seen as a wheel, the wheel of Karma. Your life, and the events in it, roll on this wheel. If your actions are good, the wheel rolls straight on a path to your benefit. If your actions are harmful, the wheel hits many bumps. This wheel is an effective analogy even without believing in Karma.

Taken in the view of our mind or even a business, every spoke, every person in the group, every faculty in your mind, must be strong and well connected to each other and the central hub, not weak were it may break, or the whole mind is wobbly. The hub in this case is your goal or the success of the company.

As you know, in our normal state of consciousness, not just one but most, if not all of our spokes are broken or bent. Of course our mind and life does not travel a straight and stable path for very long. We must get the faculties of our mind strong, straight and well connected to our main goals.

In a car, the axel connects two wheels but we do not see the axel. The inner workings of the axel is what makes the wheels turn and connects all the wheels which hold up the whole car.

We can see a lot of the parts that make a car, or a company or family function or even how an individual deals with life. The true power and mechanism that makes the single wheel useful by connecting it to other wheels is hidden in the axel. This exhibits that we cannot see what matters most with our eyes, we can only see it with our mind, exploring what is hidden from obvious view.

One wheel alone is useless, it cannot hold up the vehicle, it is the combination and harmonious unity of all the wheels that holds up the world.

The most important part of a car in relation to its stability to drive safely is the tires because the tires connect the car to the road. What makes your life stable and go where you want safely is what connects you to the world, which is your mind.

The mind is similar to a wheel and all the parts or spokes. We need to understand all of the parts of the wheel of the mind and get them functioning in harmony with each other. Two major spokes or parts of your mind are your emotions and opinions.

The mind which is the connector between you and the world rolls smoothly and connects with other minds to make your life and world function successfully. Out of control emotions or fixed and closed opinions prevent harmonious relationships.

When we say, “All IS Mind” not only does that imply that all is in your mind, but also that ‘all is mind’ from the point of view that everything that happens between you and the world, every interaction happens through the point of contact between you and the world, your mind. So all is mind is saying the same thing as the stability of a car is tires, so all driving is in the tires. Thus the stability of your life is in your mind.

When we grasp the profound depth of this concept, and work towards refining each quality of our character one by one, we will find that our life improves in both balance and success on a steady and focused direction.

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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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