With the increased internet use and great advancements in technology, making money online is a great topic of discussion. The rising levels of global unemployment and the craving for freedom that comes from self-employment have resulted in many people around the world seeking alternative options of making money. It seems like the traditional white collar jobs and brick and mortar businesses are quickly losing their allure as more people turn to the online platforms in search of money making alternatives.

Some of the best ways of making money online that the majority of internet users and business owners are taking advantage of are as follows.-

1. Dropshipping.
This is a popular and quite interesting online money making option. The majority of people who do dropshipping use popular online stores such as Amazon, e-bay, Aliexpress and increasingly their own Shopify store. By becoming a dropshipper, you become an indirect marketer for these popular online stores. All you need to do is single out the items you are able to pay for and market them. You then sell for a higher price than the one listed on the site and make a profit. You will then have to pay for the item and have the supplier deliver it to the customer.

Many dropshippers are making good money doing this and the best thing about it is that no capital is required and no physical store is required, a huge bonus for most. The only drawback is that in some instances you might experience shipping delays and item shortages since you are not the supplier and therefore have no control over the inventory. Shopify really is a dropshippers paradise where anyone can set up a store and sell practically anything in minutes. It is not only possible to receive payments from customers but it is also possible to track purchases through such a site.

2. Fulfilled by Amazon FBA
It is possible to start selling on the world's largest online store and never worry about building your own infrastructure or traffic. You will have to pay a certain amount in commission but the majority of the processes will be pretty much automated for you. Selling on Amazon is a great way of making money because it is not only a very powerful and proven business model but it allows you to use an online marketplace with millions of active users to sell your product.

When you opt for FBA, you get to put your product out there on an Amazon storefront that is live and searchable, allowing you to warehouse everything and then ship it with Amazon Prime. This greatly and positively influences the purchasing decision for customers leading to increased sales and profits for many businesses. For an example of exactly profitable this can be just check out how Kane Georgiou, owner of Get Your Money Right did it here.

3. Affiliate marketing
This is another very effective way of making extra money online. What happens is that online businesses associate themselves with website owners or social media users as a way of marketing themselves, gaining more traffic and generating sales. When you become an affiliate marketer to an online business you get paid a commission by the business for every client or purchase done through your own website. Often times the purchases are made through links from your website. The more clients you generate for businesses through your site, the more money in commissions you will earn.

4. Social Media Marketing Agency
Social media platforms are known for their millions of users and their great market potential for businesses. However, many businesses struggle with marketing on social media because they have no clue on how to capitalize on the huge marketing opportunity that social media platforms offer. Therefore they are willing to hire someone who can effectively market their business on social media.

The moment you know how to harness the power of social media and attract more followers and leads for businesses, you are definitely sitting on a goldmine. However, for you to become a social media marketing agency. You will have to be more than just knowledgeable in social media. You will have to possess the skills, great marketing strategy and great business sense for you to begin working with businesses and earning good money as a social media marketing agency.

5. Freelancing
This is actually one of the most common forms of online employment. Freelancers are able to work from various online platforms that allow them to select the tasks that they want to work on. The freelancer, in this case, is not committed to any employer. It is possible to make money as a freelancer through activities such as transcription, writing (academic, article, ghostwriting), virtual assistant jobs, software development jobs, and graphic design.

6. Creating and running niche websites
It is also possible to make money online by creating and running a niche site. Come up with an idea of a website that focuses on a specific thing. The specific thing in this case could be anything from fashion, health and fitness, motherhood, machinery, food, gaming and as so on. After finding the idea and creating content for it, you can then focus on getting high traffic to the website and earning money through ads or affiliate marketing.

7. Online Videos
Online videos have also become a great earner for many people wanting to earn online. Platforms such as YouTube have made this possible. All you need to do is monetize your channel by connecting it to an AdSense account where you will earn money every time someone watches the videos for a couple of seconds or clicks on the ads. Such platforms have also been known to pay a monthly fee for users with a huge number of subscribers or viewers.

Making money online would be an absolute dream come true for many. A huge number of people would quit their job an focus on online entrepreneurship, spend more time with family and lead more fulfilling lives if they would find a good way of making money online. The good thing is that all that is possible because many of the online revenue options aren't complicated. Just like any business venture, it will take time to grow but when it eventually does, you will be smiling at the good figures you will be generating. The above money making options should steer you in the right direction.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover