Making money online is not a easy thing to do. If you want to earn money online you have to struggle hard. The more you work hard the more you make money. In this article I am going to teach you a simple process to make money from the web. It is pretty easy to do. If you are a newbie in internet marketing then it will be the most easy one to start with. You can say it the easiest way to earn. I was so much Facebook addicted I thought I might not live without it. Which was very shocking feelings inside me. Then I began to think what if I make money using my Facebook account? Yes it pretty easy to do.

Make money Facebook : Basics

I will start with the basic things that you need to have in your Facebook account. I suggest to create 3 to 5 Facebook accounts. This is a very easy process. You don’t really need any experience on it. Just need to have a huge number of friends in your each Facebook accounts. The more friends you have the more you will make money. Building too much friends is very  hard work.

I can show tell you how you can make a huge numbers of friends. Since Facebook is a very restricted in everything you must delete your pending requests. So, how do you do it? Your main and final option is to bookmark those every friends. Send requests everyday and bookmark everyone of them. Check back later if your requests have been accepted. If your requests have been rejected don’t worry. The main problems are the pending requests. Don’t allow any pending requests and even wait for them to see your requests just delete them. This will help you to find more regular Facebookers.

Make money Facebook : Building up Community

After you have at least 1000 Friends in you each accounts then you are ready to go. Now I am going to ask you to signup at any website which has referral programs in it. Such like : CashCrate , SurveyShavvy , Minuteworkers , MicroWorkers etc. Join in these websites. You will even find hundreds of alternative websites like these. But only join the most popular ones. After joining you will receive your referral link. Your referral link : when someone joins any website using your referral link you will get some interest from their earnings.

After joining those websites and receiving referral links you are ready to earn some cash. The more you join websites like those the more you have referral links. And the more you have referral links the more you earn money. Now, You work is to visit everyone of your accounts everyday and ask your friends to join that website using your referral links. When he or she joins that website you will receive a small amount of cash for bringing your friends to that website. The more you bring friends on that website the more you can make money.

Make money Facebook: Start making Money

There is another way to explode your earnings. Those websites normally gives 30% t0 20% of the earnings of your every referrals. Which means if you help your friends to make money, then you are helping your earnings to grow. Share with your friends how you make money with those websites and give them tips to accomplish easily. Help your friends to make money from that website and you will also receive some of the earnings. The more you bring friends the more you make money. The more you teach your friends how to earn money from Facebook, you will also make more money. Good luck.

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Imtiaz Ahmed: I started making money 2 years ago. Making money online is fun. Don't do it for money only do it for fun. If you find the fun inside it. Then it will be easy for you to make money online. earn money in Bangladesh and earn money from Bangladesh also earn money online in Bangladesh