There are plenty of different SEO tactics implemented by different webmasters and SEO companies, which all focuses on one single goal - to gain top ranking in the search engines and drive massive traffic to their website. There are many hypotheses and proven theories on how those search engines really work and how it views individual websites and ranks them according to its relevance and the degree of importance it has to the particular keyword.

The right SEO tactics can make or break a particular website so it should of prime importance to administer the right SEO techniques to be able to secure top rankings on the search engines. If you are confused by the information overload around you and wish to hone in on the most important and effective SEO tactics possible to give you the results you want here are 5 of the most important and powerful ones around.

Killer Content :
The search engine is smart enough to recognize a good content from a poorly written one so before you even begin the quest to gain high rankings on the search engine, begin with high quality, fresh and original content. Since content plagiarism is a big issue right now and duplicate content tends to be penalized when competing against other sites with fresh content, it is best to spend some time and money on excellent quality fresh and relevant content which the search engines and your visitors can enjoy.

Keyword Density :
The right density of keyword is important to ensure the engine views your page as being highly relevant to the keyword you are targeting. It is important to make the right amount of keywords and not stuff the whole page with those keywords as this would definitely raise a red flag and cause Google and other search engines to penalize the site. You will only gain poor rankings and your site might even be penalized and banned from the search engine, which results in it being de-indexed and remove from the listings.

Title and Tags :
The page title should embody the keywords and the tags used on the pages should reflect the chosen keyword as well. This requires some research and study on your part. The keywords should be used only once in the title and then repeated again on the related tags, the H1 tag, the H2 tag and the Meta tags too.

This is considered a new concept which was coined by an internet marketer which promotes the idea of Latent Semantic Indexing to gain higher ranking in the search engine. This is still a controversial issue and there are as many perpetrators as well as the skeptics about its effectiveness. LSI deals with the inclusion of the relevant and related keywords along with the main keyword you want to optimize for.

The number of backlinks refers to the link pointing back to the site. The backlink can be an anchor text which is the keyword you are targeting that is hyperlinked. It can also be plain old hyperlinks which does not induce any form of an anchor text at all.

These are by far are the most effective SEO tactics anyone can apply to dramatically boost their ranking in the search engines.

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