Today our topic is how we can make money with url shortener sites.

The link shorteners these days have become very popular at the moment of wanting to monetize a website or any type of traffic that we are generating. We can see it every day when we download a program from a search or a YouTube video, every day this type of shorteners to earn money becomes one of the favorite ways for people to make money online.

Do you want to learn more about this and know what the best link shortener is that there is currently? Stay reading this article, because we will be seeing everything you need to know about link shorteners to make money online.

What is a link shortener or url shortener?
The link shorteners have been used more than anything to make a certain url is shorter than normal. As many know a url or link can have more than 20 characters, which is somewhat annoying for some people when sharing or access.
That is why, platforms have been created which help to make these URLs or links are simplified or become easy to digest links.
Shortening a URL is very easy, look at the difference of cutting link

How do you earn money with a link shortener or link shortener?
Over the years many of these URL shorteners have implemented a business model with which they offer the possibility of earning money by shortening your links.
The way in which they operate is very easy, one of the pioneers in this business model was which provided its service in exchange for using your traffic to make users interact with advertising banners trying to see these ads and making the user wait 5 seconds to be able to access the link or the final URL. With this, the users who clicked on the advertising shown by the link shortener, the person who owns the traffic would take a small commission for every thousand visitors.

This started to be a very profitable business both for the person who lent their traffic and for the shortener itself.

And that's how many of these link shorteners were born, which are mainly differentiated by payment rates, some higher than others. Normally they work for CPM (cost per thousand views) that is, for every thousand visits that you give to a shortened link, the network can pay you from 1 to 10 US dollars. But tell me, would you like to know which the link shortener that pays the most is? Let's see them.

What is the link shortener that pays the most money?
First of all, I must say that the payments will depend a lot on your country and the traffic you send to this shortener.

Do you want to earn money with a URL shortener? Keep reading…

We will show you the shorteners and the payment rates they provide by country. It may be that one suits you more than another, if we are going to teach the best link shorteners to make money online. Let's start!

The most paid url shorteners:
• Mitly
• cut-urls

I can say that these link shorteners pay punctually, since I, have used them recurrently. If you have any questions or doubts you can leave it in the comments of our blog, also if you like you can subscribe to receive weekly the best Geek content in technology, informatics and more!

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