Many people are interested in making money online. There are numerous options available depending on your level of education age. This article will look at how one can earn money writing articles. They include:

Writing for article syndication sites

This is how you earn money writing articles with this method: Open an account in an article site like e-zine articles and then post your unique articles onto it. Ads on the related content are then automatically added. Depending on the number of articles you write, their quality and popularity, you could make a tidy sum every month.

Writing for affiliate sites

In this, you write an article pitching a certain product or service to readers. The option to buy the product being written about is prominently displayed. Interested readers can then buy what you are selling and make you money in the process. This is commonly known as copywriting and requires a lot of knowledge on what writing styles and wording formats people respond to. In an affiliate site, you will find text written in different color and font sizes, all to convince the reader to buy what is being sold.

Write for an online news syndication site or blog

High traffic sites are always looking for good quality writers for certain projects. Some of these writing projects are very lucrative as a large number of people get to read the article. If you are a good writer, this is could be viable option make money writing online.

Freelance writing on Fiverr

There is the option of writing on all manner of topics for people in Fiverr and other related sites. In this case, a client sends in the topic he wants an article on. There are several payment channels available depending on the site. To make money writing online with this option, you have to be able to consistently deliver good quality work with a unique twist. It takes time before you get a loyal client base but the results are worth the effort.

Start a personal blog

This is usually the hardest to do successfully because of the other things involved. With this option, you set up a blog and write about a topic you are passionate about. At the same time, find ways to increase the traffic levels as you write. If properly and consistently done, this could make you a very rich blogger. There are numerous examples of people who make money writing online using this method.

Work for content providing companies.

In this method, you earn money writing articles for a company which then sells this content to their client base. The content providing company then pays you for services rendered. The payment options can range from amount per words, number of articles per day to a fixed amount per month. While the amount earned through this method is lower because of the middleman, it is also one of the easiest and most consistent.

In a nutshell, it is entirely possible to make money writing online.

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