Good day, dear readers of my blog. To say that today's experiment surprised me to say nothing. You just can't imagine how amazing it is to do a little "lab" study on video conversion.

It is clear that anyone working on the Internet wants to create high-quality, small videos. This significantly reduces the download speed. If the video is made for the site, this is even more relevant because the file has a lower load on the server. In addition, a large document is much more difficult to transmit over the Internet, as this time is also relevant for regular users.

By converting and compressing files, you can get space. These methods reduce the need for space. Movie users collect hundreds of valuable videos, graphics of thousands of image files, office users of important office documents. But even home sound recordings absorb space. If you need more memory, you have two options: lossless compression or file optimization.

Do you think how to make a MP4 file smaller to store on your PC, compress mp4, reduce mp4 size, or lighten mp4 to save PC memory? Here, we will show you various ways to reduce MP4 size on Windows and Mac, and also recommend free and easy video reduction software!

MP4 is a popular file format because it is compatible with almost all smartphones, tablets, physical media or media players. As I continued to save videos, movies, tutorial videos, etc. downloaded from video sites such as YouTube to the HDD of my computer one after another, the memory space of the HDD became low. Besides, the operating speed of the personal computer may slow down.

However, I love the saved MP4 videos and want to cherish them, so I can't delete them. In this case, start looking for ways to reduce MP4 size, mp4 compression, mp4 lighter, that is, reduce video capacity.

To reduce the size of MP4 video files, it is widely used to reduce the bit rate and use tools for MP4 compression. There are many MP4 size down tools online, among them free software that reduces MP4 capacity but does not significantly reduce quality.

Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare UniConverter is a video converter that can easily convert videos taken with a digital camera, downloaded videos, etc. to desired videos and audio files. Download and use this software to not only freely convert video formats, convert audio formats, extract audio from videos, but also trim videos, change aspect ratio, see through and subtitle before conversion. You can also edit videos such as adding, rotating / flipping videos, and adjusting screen brightness and saturation. You can also use advanced settings and certain options for video editing to do MP4 compression without significantly degrading video quality. Thanks to its rich features and efficient operation, it is the best solution for video resizing.

With Wondershare UniConverter, you can convert various video formats to different video / audio formats and perform various editing tasks such as trimming and combining.

With Wondershare UniConverter, you can achieve the purpose of MP4 resizing in two ways.

I. Convert MP4 to another file

  1. Wondershare UniConverter Please download Wondershare UniConverter for free from the official website or by clicking the button below.
  2. After the installation is completed, start the software and the main user interface will be displayed. 
  3. Click "+" to load the MP4 file you want to resize the video.
  4. Choose the File format in which you want to convert your video. For a better output option, click the profile switch button and select WMV. You also can choose the MP4 again as the output file format.
  5. Decrease the resolution and frame rate, and click the confirmation button. See the screenshot below.
  6. Set the save location of the output file in the save destination, and then click the "Start" button. After a few minutes, the file will be converted to ".WMV" format, and as the resolution and frame rate decrease, the video will become lighter.

II: Trim unnecessary parts

If you want to reduce the size of your video, you can also reduce the size of your video by checking if there are any unwanted parts and then using Wondershare UniConverter to trim the unwanted parts.
To trim the video, add the video to the software and click the "trim" option. Select the parts you want to trim and check the option “Merge into one file” to keep the trim parts in one. Then click on ok to save the file.


These days, cameras have been getting more and more advanced and capture high resolution videos with large video file sizes. Only 10 min of video captured in a decent phone camera can get upto GBs. Thus, making the MP4 file smaller is the only way to save some space in the device. Reducing the file size becomes very important sometimes. Whether you have to make the MP4 file smaller due to official work as sending the video through the mail or you just want to make some space in your PC, reducing size of the MP4 files helps a lot.

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