How To Make My Dick Longer: How To Make Your Dick Bigger Naturally

Learning how to make your penis longer is perhaps one of the hottest topics around, especially for men who wish to have a larger penis. This is maybe due to the fact that the virility, sexuality, and masculinity of men are often equated with the size of their male organ. And perhaps it is partly true but the question still remains, is it really possible to increase the size of the male organ?

The simple answer is yes, it is possible. But it's not as simple as that. There are a lot of way men can enlarge their penis and eventually it will still be up to them to choose the most effective one for them. But to provide you with some ideas with regards on how to actually achieve this lengthening, here are some facts.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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You can find a variety of penis enlargement products in the market these days. There are pills, creams, exercise devices and in case all else fails, surgery is the last resort. The good thing is with enough effort, patience, and perseverance, you can actually achieve lengthening without going under the knife.

The most common method of lengthening is the Jelq, it is an exercise for the penis to allow it to lengthen. This exercise is most effective when used in conjunction with other methods like application of creams and taking supplements as well as doing it consistently and regularly over a period of months.

You can also make use of devices that stretch the penis over a number of hours per day. Micro-tearing and tissue repair is what is rationale behind and is what helps increase penis length.

When you work on lengthening your penis, you actually stretch two muscles, the ischiocavernous muscle, and the bulbocavernous muscle and continuously stretching these two muscles allows them to gradually lengthen.

Just keep in mind that any technique you employ in lengthening your penis, except perhaps surgery where effect is evident at once, effects are gradual and will only be noticeable after a noticeable amount of time has passed. And if you don't do it consistently the effects will be minimal at best and none at worst. So you need to be patient as well as persistent if you want your penis to elongate.

So the question on how to make your penis longer is answered, you should now strive to do them and see results as you work hard for it.

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The male population is notorious for wanting to have a longer penis. You can chalk it up to masculinity complex, the notion of being the dominant gender. Maybe you have been wracking your brains on how to make your penis longer and to no avail. Well, there's good news for you. Penis enlargement is very much possible and all it takes is patience and determination.

In this day and age, altering body parts isn't taboo anymore. So if you desire to have a longer penis, by all means find ways to make it happen. The sexual organ is very much the same with other body parts in that you can make it a tad bigger through constant exercise. Yes, that's the key to improving your length and size. Science used to frown upon this practice but penis exercises have been around for thousands of centuries and have proven how effective it is.

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The most basic penile exercise is the Jelq motion. What you do in this exercise is that you rub your penis from the base to the head to boost tissue growth and blood flow into it. Regular Jelq exercise can potentially increase it by a few more inches, allowing you to have the monster equipment you have always dreamed of. Just a word of caution: Avoid squeezing your thing too much. Overly squeezing your tool can result to some nerve damages which may lead to impotence.

Continue doing this exercise for up to six weeks and assess if there has been significant changes in your organ. If not, it could mean that it is not as effective to you and you may want to find recourse. There are pills and supplements that aim to increase your size but only a fraction of them are actually effective. Try those that have ginseng components, as well as natural and herbal ingredients.

Lastly, remember that size and length are a matter of perception. What this means is that you can look at positively no matter how long it is and remind yourself that it is not only the dimensions that make sex pleasurable. The secret in having good sex is to be familiar with the female anatomy and sexuality so that you can give her better orgasms. Women are bound to keep coming back if you are good in bed, and sometimes, physical dimensions have nothing to do with pleasure.

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When it comes to the world of penis enlargement exercises, jelqing is one of the best ones you can turn to. However, there are different variations to these penis enlargement exercises that you can try out to get the best results in the end. Assuming you already know how general jelqs work, you may read this article to figure out which variation would suit your needs best.

The first variation of these penis enlargement exercises would be the Side Jelq, which is best used if you want to thicken your penis and have a penile curve that you want to fix at the same time. To do this, you will have to jelq while your penis is close to a complete erection and exercise your manhood more intensely than usual, in general.

The second variation would be the V-Jelq, which generally puts more pressure onto the sides of your penile shaft to work the corpus cavernosa chambers. To do this exercise, simply make a V shape with your index finger and middle finger. Then, with your palm facing towards your body, jelq upwards.

The third variation would be the 1-Handed Jelq. As its name implies, this exercise is done with only one hand as opposed to alternating hands. This variation wouldn't be advisable for beginners, though, as it requires more intensity than usual. To do it, just do a ULI at the base of your penis before every milking motion that you do.

The last variation would be the Mini Jelq. Like the Side Jelq, the Mini Jelq helps if you have a penile curve that you want to fix while exercising your manhood. The main motion for this particular variation would be to jelq to one side of your manhood. Ideally, you should do this towards the weaker side of it, so that you can work the corpus cavernosa chambers and fix the curve of your penis as needed.

There are also various devices that you can use while doing these penis enlargement exercises to help with your overall routine. These devices would be great if you have problems with hand strength or want to make sure that you are placing even pressure onto your manhood as you exercise it.

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Generally speaking, jelqing forces blood into the penis and its smooth muscles to increase internal pressure and, in turn, create micro-tears into the muscles and tissues inside of it.

As with building muscles for other body parts, controlled damage and rebuilding in your penis can help smooth muscles in it grow and increase penile girth and length as needed.

A lot of men wonder how long it will take before they can see results from doing these penis enlargement exercises. Well, truth be told, every man is different. Having said that, the amount of time that it might take you to see the results that you want will depend on the amount of effort that you place into your exercise routine and on your actual physiology. Some men see flaccid results within mere weeks, for example, while others do not report any measurable results until a few months have already gone by.

The good news is that the majority of men see positive results within the first month of jelqing. However, if you still do not see any results after a few months, you might want to consult an expert in penile exercises to figure out what you are doing wrong.

Once you do things right and keep doing things right on a regular basis, though, your enlargement results will stay with you for life. So, once you create new tissue through jelqing, you can keep those gains and enjoy them forever - believe it.

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Penis enlargement exercises are nothing new for men who want to learn how to get a longer and thicker penis. However, some men aren't sure whether they should embark on this journey just yet, simply because they have no idea how jelqing works to begin with and whether jelqing is actually a good idea for them.

Generally speaking, penis enlargement exercises come with their own sets of pros and cons. In terms of the pros, penis enlargement exercises are known to be highly effective. In fact, men from all over the world have reported growth of a few inches just by following the necessary instructions to a tee. Plus, since they are completely natural, safety is practically guaranteed - as long as the instructions are followed as needed, that is.

Penis enlargement exercises are also very attractive forms of enlargement because they do not require any extra equipment. This means that you won't have to shell out a ton of money on expensive devices just to get the results that you want. This also makes them all the more attractive to beginners because they won't need to worry about breaking the bank. They are generally very classic forms of enlargement, too, just like the push-up.

Probably the only major con of penis enlargement exercises is the fact that it could take some time for significant results to become evident. Also, once you reach a plateau after a few months of doing beginner's exercises, you will have to amp up your game if you want to keep seeing gains in the long run.

As mentioned earlier, penis enlargement exercises are completely safe, though. As long as you follow all of the basic precautions, such as warming up before exercising, listening to the signs of your body and avoiding over training; then you really don't have anything to worry about in terms of safety.

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However, as with other exercises out there, you might experience unwanted side effects if you do something wrong, forget to warm up or train your manhood too much by working out too quickly, too intensely or for too long.

Remember: if your manhood isn't ready for intense workouts just yet, do not force it into those levels. If you do, you might experience side effects like the Donut Effect, the Baseball Bat Effect, discoloration or red spots.

The Donut Effect may occur if you jelq too intensely or for too long. When this happens, blood is sent to the glans and collects just below it, making it resemble a donut. If you aren't circumcised, then it will look like you have swollen foreskin. Fortunately, this effect is only temporary and usually goes away after several hours.

The Baseball Effect, on the other hand, basically refers to an effect that makes the penis resemble a bat, in that the tip becomes bigger than usual. To prevent this from happening, you have to make sure that you jelq properly. This means exercising your whole penis as opposed to just the upper part of it. Begin at the base and then stop right before the tip.

Discoloration or red spots are the most common negative side effects that men tend to experience when jelqing improperly, though. Basically, reddish dots or spots will appear on the penis because of tiny capillaries bursting inside of it. These side effects usually vanish within 48 hours, though. However, to avoid them completely, make sure you warm up your penis properly and only build up intensity as needed. Again: do not rush your penis for things that it isn't ready for yet. Just take it easy and everything should be alright in the end.

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