How to Make My Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend Like Me Again

It's amazing to realize that a lot of People go into relationships with the best of intentions. Every so often, both lovers are equally happy, and they continue a romantic,

loving, Wonderfully healthy relationship. Unluckily, there are other times when something might go wrong, and one or both parties may desire to break out of the relationship. When one person leaves the relationship and the second person doesn't want the break up, it can be extremely hard to move on. Love is real; you are not the first to experience real love.

Fortunately, there are a important tips and tricks to win back the love of your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, and get him/her to open up to the idea of possibly getting back together in the nearest future.

What To Do:
1) Try to recall the reasons why the breakup occurred. Some reasons may be repairable; perhaps one person neglected the other, which of course is a situation that can be resolved.

On the other hand, if some form of abuse, cheating or betrayal occurred, it may not be easy or quick to reconciled, but it is never impossible to get reconciled. Find out the reasons for the breakup before proceeding.

2) Have a good countenance and a positive attitude all the time, especially when seen in public. Spend time with close friends who will bring out joy and happiness. Have fun

especially to the knowledge of your ex, be positive, stay positive and show the world(your ex), that the most important thing in life is feeling good and making others feel good too.

3) Try to Emulate the characteristics and attitude that you projected at the beginning of the relationship with your ex; these are the attributes and qualities that made your ex boyfriend or girlfriend fall in love when he/she first met you. Showcase those same attractive personality, perhaps he/she told you that you are smart, charming, always smiling, a sense of humor, a bright smile, self confident or intelligence.

4) Try to Wear the clothing and outfits that fascinated and attracted your ex boyfriend/girlfriend while the relationship lasted. I bet this will remind him/her of the
joy and excitement he/she once had.

5) Seek for an opportunity to meet with your ex. Ask your ex if he/she would like to get together for a casual chat. The meeting can be anything simple; like getting a drink or
an occasion. Whats important is that there shouldn't be a lot of expectation or pressure on him/her. Also do not expect the plans to be too demanding; treat the situation as if he/she were a casual friend.

6) Show yourself as a caring; ask him/her how things have been concerning different areas of his/her life(job, academics e.t.c)

Before you take anymore step, it's important that you know the right words to say and things to do to get your ex back into your arms. It's not going to be easy but there are relationship experts like T.W. Jackson, who has helped many get back to a loving relationship with their ex.

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