How To Make My Ex Chase Me: How To Make Your Ex Think About You All The Time

Imagine having your ex chase you around, like they did when you first fell in love! Imagine your ex getting jealous and wanting you only to themselves, like they did when you first fell in love!

Imagine your ex literally nosing around to see what you are up to and wanting to call you because they are curious about you again....

Just imagine! Wouldn't that be great, if all of the above could come true? Well my friend, it's about to! Read on to find out how you can make your ex chase you around, just like they did when you first fell in love....

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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It doesn't matter what you are now, but it matters what you are going to be

Let's say your ex really hates your guts now, and maybe you've gained a lot of weight and a bunch of other things. It doesn't matter! All of these problems which are in your way now, are going to be removed, because the very first thing you are going to do is CHANGE.

Yes! That word you have been avoiding is back in your face, but let me tell you something, without change, nothing would ever happen! Imagine a world where polio still killed many children, or a world which still had the black plague!

Obviously change is good then, which is why you need to start pin pointing all of your "not so attractive" aspects, and changing them.

Don't throw the whole load on at once, because that can easily discourage anyone trying to change, but rather take one thing and stick to changing it, and then move on to the next thing.

The very first things you should desire to change, however, are your personality based traits, because that is one thing which attracted your ex to you in the first place.

Once you have worked on these, you will then be the perfect bait to attract your ex back and make them chase you around.

Making your ex chase you around

Once you have changed, the key to getting your ex to chase you around is quite simple: get close and personal with someone they know. This means you can flirt with that person or date them...but whatever the case, your ex needs to see you having a blast with someone else.

This will really set your ex off and will make him/her jealous, and alongside the change, will instantly make you the most irresistible chase your ex ever had, and you will find that your ex will be chasing you around like crazy now.

You see, your ex won't be able to stand the thought of you with someone else, especially in plain view, with someone they know, and this will drive them absolutely wild.

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Trying to get a girlfriend back is like trying to cure the hiccups - there's many ways that work and don't work and all people react the same. Hopefully, these tips serve as your drinking water upside down, eating a cup of sugar or getting frightfully scared.

Step 1: Is She Coming Back: This is a question you have to ask yourself before you can even attempt to get her back. Has she moved on too far or were you just a fling in the first place? You dated her so you know if she moves from guy to guy like a carousel or if she'll be in it for the long roller coaster ride.

Step 2: Thanks For The Memories: Whether she's a soulmate that has lost her way or a spring fling that never had a way, it doesn't hurt to thank her for the time you spent together. Tell her it was a good time and that she's a cool girl and maybe she'll start regretting telling her friends you're a total jerk.

Step 3: There Are Many Ways Like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, there are many ways to get a girlfriend back. If you love her, it's important not to get frustrated if your first 80 plans didn't work. If she's worth it, you'll keep finding ways to win her heart back and plan 92 just might be the one.

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Step 4: It's Her Choice: You could develop hulking biceps, become a movie star, and volunteer all your time at an orphanage but the sad reality is that it really is her choice on whether to take you back. That being said, you can do things like developing a cure for a sprained ankle so that her choice will be a lot easier.

Step 5: Appear To Move On: As you were making your last ditch effort to win your girl back, she felt like the queen of the mountain. Now, you've got to litter that mountain with banana peels and make her fall from grace by toning down the love brigade and appear to move on without her. Gauge her reaction to know her true feelings about you.

Step 6: Start Dropping Hints As we said earlier, ultimately it's her answer if she wants to take you back. Sometimes, you've got to give her the question though. She might be feel that she broke your heart too bad the first time or that you have moved on so go ahead and ask down the line if she'd like to date again.

Step 7: Respect And React: If you've asked her back out and she still says no, respect her decision then react to it. Perhaps you have some more work to do in your lifestyle or she just wants to run free for a little bit before deciding you're the one. Either way, learn and move on with the mission.

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The instructions say to cook the chicken for 2 hours at 350 degrees. You'll soon find out that you'll get salmonella poisoning if you up that to 1 hour at 700 degrees. Likewise, your relationship will just cause you illness if you don't let it simmer for the proper time.

Step 1: One Minute: If your ex still loves you and wants you back in their life, all it takes to get them back was the first minute you laid eyes on each other. That being said, there's a reason you're split up now so start bettering yourself so you can become the person they always thought you could.

Step 2: Forever: On the opposite side of the spectrum, you've got to be prepared that there is a possibility your ex will never take you back. The good thing is that if you do make improvements and succeed at life, you might never have to find out if it wasn't meant to be because they will take you back.

Step 3: Depends On You Your ex might be ready to take you back a mere couple weeks after the breakup but won't because you didn't fulfill your end of the deal. The time after the split is crucial and you should spend it on focusing on yourself instead of carousing around the nightclubs.

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Step 4: Depends On Them: Perhaps your ex is the one that started carousing the nightclubs after your split and in this case it's up to them on how long it'll take to get back together. Maybe they're just blowing off some steam and will soon want to come back or they might like their new lifestyle and will move to New York to be a party promoter.

Step 5: They Never Left: Hopefully, your ex never left and is just viewing the breakup as a temporary bump in the road with the person they want to spend their life with. If that's the case, make your move to get them back as soon as possible.

Step 6: They Were Never There If your ex was never in the relationship to begin with, they'll probably never come back. Look back and remember if you were the one always making the plans and saying 'I Love You' first. The harsh reality is that they might not have ever loved you.

Step 7: Keep Trying: The only time measurement you have on how long it takes to get your ex back is on how long you want to keep trying. The old saying of "you always find something in the last place you look" is true because after you find it, you stop looking!

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All we really need in life sometimes is just one more chance. Then again, that's what you said 23 chances ago. Either way, just like the genie is eventually going to get sick of granting you a million more wishes, start using your 'last' chance with your boyfriend to your advantage with these suggestions.

Step 1: Have Him Remember The Good Times: All he remembers now is that you dumped him for a carnival worker but you've got to imprint in his brain all the fun you had before that on the roller coasters. If he's stuck in a negative mode he'll never take you back so get him to think about the good times.

Step 2: Reverse What He Didn't Like: Your ex hopefully gave you a reason as to how you blew your last chance and why he broke up with you so in order to get another one, do some repair on that reason he gave you.

Step 3: With Charm Two spoons of flirting and a dash of self-confidence will have him yearning to give you another chance. Avoid being too needy and simply court your ex as if he wasn't your ex in order to rub that lamp another time.

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Step 4: Sincerity: You told him you wouldn't cheat on him again the last 4 times you got together but every year the fair comes to town you break that promise again. If you want him to accept you back, make him believe that you won't screw it up again...and don't this time!

Step 5: Honesty: Don't try and hide the fact that you blew it, instead fess up and acknowledge that you made mistakes. Hopefully, he'll appreciate your honesty and will be impressed by the fact that you chose him over a carnie.

Step 6: Chance Or Opportunity? A chance implies that you will get together and just hope that things will work out. On the other hand, if you view it as an opportunity to show your man that you've improved and are a better person, you'll have a better 'chance' at success.

Step 7: What Are You Going To Do With The Chance: Don't cook the cake before you mix the ingredients in. Make sure you have a plan of attack in place if he truly does take you back into your life meaning spending more time together, being more thoughtful and skipping the fair this time around.

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