In this day and age of environmental sustainability, homeowners and families are looking for even wider ways to reduce their carbon footprints and, therefore, their impact on the environment. If this is something you are interested in learning more about, you may also like to know how you can make your caravan holidays ‘greener’ – use the following tips to go environmentally friendly even whilst travelling:

When shopping for a caravan

There are a number of things you can think about and features you can look for when shopping for your next caravan purchase:

  • Aerodynamics (and weight): this actually has a huge impact of the amount of carbon that you produce when towing, so by choosing a caravan that is as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible you can help to reduce the amount of carbon produced.
  • Insulation: this can affect the amount of carbon dioxide that is produced to regulate the temperature inside your caravan, so having proper insulation will lessen this.
  • Power: these days, caravans are able to be fully equipped with solar panels, helping you to utilize green energy (and to get rid of the harmful generators and batteries the van would otherwise use).

When towing a caravan

There are a number of things that you can do whilst towing that will reduce the amount of carbon emissions you are creating:

  • Servicing: regularly servicing your car will ensure that it is as fuel efficient as possible (meaning it will need to use less, even when towing a caravan).
  • Engine: when stuck in traffic jams or at lights and it is clear that you won’t be going anywhere any time soon, simply turn your car’s engine off, which also saves petrol.
  • Car: it is important that your car is a perfect match for the caravan that you wish is to tow, as this will ensure that your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible.
  • Speed: did you know that simply reducing your speed by 10 to 15 kilometres per hour can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that your car produces substantially?

There are, of course, other ways that we can make our caravans more environmentally friendly, but by buying a van that is as sustainable as possible and by towing correctly you are already doing your bit. Don’t feel like you only have to be sustainable at home – cut carbon emissions wherever you can and leave your children and grandchildren with a world that still has a future.

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This helpful information for caravans is shared by John K. Taylor for Supreme Caravans Melbourne. Supreme is one of the leading companies which deals in luxurious new caravans in Melbourne and used caravans.