The answer to how to make people happy does not lie in sharing material possessions or even giving stern instruction. It is ultimately about showing them before telling them.

There are things you can do to make people happy that can affect not only their mood but your own. Healthy happy people have some consistent behaviors and these can be encouraged by a good friend.

Sometimes, we feel that there is an angel and devil on each shoulder, giving us instruction at every turn.

Although, this may not be the case, you can play the part of angel in a friend's life... But, only if they are ready to listen, observe, and embrace the opportunity themselves.

How To Make People Happy

1. Share The Importance Of Looking On The Bright Side

Some positive psychology studies estimate that the largest part of our automatic thoughts are negative. Thoughts determine moods. And, those who study both discovered that we can use our conscious thoughts to change our subconscious, our automatic thoughts.

When you share how focusing on the good in your life has changed an aspect of it, you will more than likely have an affect on a friend seeking similar change.

2. Make Room For Time With Them

Simple recreation is needed by all human beings. We are built to connect with one another and this time is enhanced when we spend it with the kind of people who bring us up instead of down.

You can answer the question of how to make people happy in your life by taking these moments with them and making sure your contribution is fun and uplifting.

Once we reach our teen years, we are ever increasingly influenced by our peers. Our consistent behaviors become so contagious that our friends can take them on without any verbal encouragement at all.

3. Be The Happy Example

Once you have a balance of high energy and relaxing activities in your own life, it will be that much easier to let the joy shine from within.

Teach them how to have a good time in a healthy way by being the example. And, with time, your example can produce behaviors they exhibit in their own lives; perhaps even thinking they came up with the idea to change on their own.

Most people are more likely to follow through on something they've learned is helpful through their own initiative. If they feel inspired by you, rather that instructed, the lesson can still be their own. And, they can continue using it to make happiness the routine in their lives.

The secret to how to make people happy largely rests with making yourself happy, mingling with them, and letting them absorb what they can from your own example.

Remember, the most lasting behaviors come from a feeling of ownership in the decision to make a change. Encourage without pushing, and for those who are ready, you will definitely have an impact.

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