Regular Performance appraisals are essential for managing and evaluating employees.

Reasons to conduct regular Performance Appraisals:

1) They help develop individuals
2) Improve organizational performance
5) Feed into business planning.

Performance appraisals are often conducted annually, however we recommend 6 monthly appraisals and much more less formal communication throughout the year.

Performance appraisals Enable:
1) Management and monitoring of standards
2) An opportunity to agree on expectations and objectives
3) Delegation of responsibilities and tasks.

Performance appraisals are important for staff motivation and development,and fostering positive relationships between management and staff.

So what is the problem?

Well generally managers dislike appraisals and try to avoid them, they are seen as a daunting and time-consuming administrative chore.

So what is the solution?

Appraisals will be much easier and more relaxed, if the appraiser meets each of his/her employees individually and regularly throughout the year. then there will be an existing relationship between the two and this will reduce stress and uncertainty. If general discussions are put off until the annual appraisal they can get blown out of proportion and could have been dealt with more easily if nipped in the bud.

If you rarely sit down and talk with your employees - or your employees are not used to talking with their boss - then you need to find ways to make the atmosphere more relaxing and improving relationships. Appraisals will be much easier when people communicate well and know each other.

As the manager, boss or HR professional it is your responsibility to sit down together and talk as often as you can. When the actual formal appraisals are due everyone will find the whole process to be far more natural, quick, easy - and a lot more productive too.

Gaining confidence in carrying out appraisals is something that comes with practice. We offer a practical 1-day Appraisals Training course in Brighton, Sussex. The course allows delegates to practice their skills in a safe environment, you will also gain confidence with carrying out appraisals on the job. Appraisals are also covered as part of our Leadership training and Performance Management training courses.

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