It is a very interesting subject that‘s name is marriage, some time becomes subject of concern, and that would be more understanding who is getting to marriage in next month, but don’t worry about that, the internet is available, where you can find every kind of solution according to your anxiety. Today I am going to show, how making a preparation of Indian marriage in this article.
When men and women on going to ready to get married, then tension comes arises in our mind about the wedding preparation. We are going to show some interesting point how to prepare a wedding, let’s look at.

1.Make a ready budget for the wedding
Nowadays, marriage's expenses are the most costly expenses, so we must make a rough budget of wedding expenses. An estimate should be ready before the starting any expenses about the wedding.
1 Expenses of the Wedding Party
2 Expenses of The Jewellery and Wedding Clothes
3 Expenses of the Gifts

2. Decide on the marriage’s date
If marriage process according to mahurat in your community, then you must decide marriage’ date through Pandit. If you don’t believe on Shubh mahurat, then you will go on the random date according to your comfort.

3. Decide Wedding Venue
Decide wedding venue according to marriage days and near to you. A good wedding venue does have a good party garden, a good hall and stay rooms.

3. Make a List of guests
Make a proper list of all kind of guest and inform them as your date decides through invitation card, WhatsApp, and phone call. Make Books the hotel’s rooms based on the list of the guest before 1 month.

4 Book Traveling vehicles for a procession
If you have to go to the procession, then you must book ticket of Bus/ Air ticket and other

5. Shopping Preparation

First of all, you must prepare a list, in which you make a point out all the gift that would be sent to the guest. And then you have to make a list for wedding clothes on the basic calculation such as how many dresses are you required, when and where you will wear that, this preparation should complete before 2-3 month before the wedding date, so that you have a clear mindset which you have to purchase or to take on rent, hence you have got to book 1-2 month before for rent.

6. Wedding Party Menu
It is another important work in which you have to decide before, you are going to make food for how many days, breakfast, dinner and lunch, these should be decided before.

Here we are going to show the first steps of preparation of Indian wedding and next steps, you can get from my upcoming article.

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