One of the hacks of increased employee productivity is the immediate working environment. Simple changes in workplace design can uplift one’s mood or increase their motivation, alertness, and focus. Do it wrong and you’re faced with grave consequences. What’s worse, research shows, that not being on optimal workplaces has significant impact on employee performance. And as companies are preparing for millennials joining the workforce and the gig economy is on full swing, it all boils down to remote work being the norm. Why? It is a win-win situation! Technology is making it easier to pull it off!

For employees, commuting is a thing of the past. There is now a choice of their ideal work environment and get really comfortable with the freedom that comes with it among other perks. For employers, there are a myriad of benefits; besides not needing to make space for a work desk, utility costs shaved off, and many more. But what if you combine the power of outsourcing and the flexibility of remote? Well, you might just be a force to be reckoned.

Remote outsourcing combines both the benefits of remote work and outsourcing (duh!) which includes:

Having access to a very wide talent pool for any skill imaginable with buffers just in case something goes wrong (a service Coefficients engages in).

You save time recruiting and sourcing as it is already done for you whether you choose an established outsourcing provider or in freelancing sites.

It takes 43 days for an average employee to undergo on-boarding and to be trained. Remote outsourcing cuts this time into just 3 days.

Cheaper labor with exactly the same skill set compared to other remote freelancers, plus most remote outsourcing providers already use and are well-acquainted with the tool that you need. Cost of living is a factor.

We know you are well-acquainted with the power of remote work. But just in case you are still clueless on how outsourcing works and its benefits, you can check our previous posts here, here and here.

If you’re interested to try out tapping into this power, we’re telling you it’s fun as it expands diversity and enables knowledge sharing in perspectives and mediums you wouldn’t have tried out before without sacrificing productivity as everybody works around the clock. But it’s not all fun; you have to consistently battle time zone differences, communication issues, technical glitches, insane weather conditions, among other things. But regardless of what happens, there will be tons of ways to cut through all those and keep the productivity flowing by following these tips!

Select and Exhaust Your Tools Wisely

There are tons of productivity apps around the internet and just like any start up, we’re addicted to them too! Here in Coefficients, depending on our clients’ choice, we use Trello, Asana and heck, even Upwork for time tracking and billing. The point we’re making here is that unlike the usual work setup, communication plays an even bigger playing field when it comes to remote outsourcing which means over-communicate and over-elaborate if you must. That’s why sending plenty of screenshots and chatting frequently on Skype/Hangouts/GoToMeeting is a just a normal workday in remote outsourcing.

Be Super Wary of Time Zones (No to Reschedules or Anything Last Minute)

Remote work doesn’t just give you the opportunity to get a sense of diversity in the workplace. It also gets you the experience in working in different time zones. This is the curse of remote outsourcing’s flexibility. Though if you’re a client, you rarely get the chance to adjust as the employees would gladly do the adjusting for you. Sometimes you can’t feel a little bit guilty when you miscalculated the difference in hours and you end up being late for a meeting. That being said, it is important to note that rescheduling is not that easy and anything last minute can be detrimental to the other party’s work-life balance. Time calculation is a challenge that everyone must learn how to adapt when considering remote outsourcing. Piece of advice though? Always join in the meeting five minutes early.

Internet Back Up Plan

Especially if your provider is located in a country where electrical and technical interruptions are expected on an annual or bi-annual basis (yes sadly, India and the Philippines), it’s important that both parties both have a Plan B if the connection goes out and not just for meteorological reasons. Should the public wifi at the airport goes wonky or if you’re going through a tunnel and there is no mobile hotspot service, then always have an exit plan ready and inform the team in time should there be delays in progress so that your outsourcing provider can mitigate such situations. Trust us, lack of electricity can be solved by a generator. Lack of internet? Not much.

So these are just some of our tips based on our experiences! Over to you now! Do you have a productivity technique that you do with your remote teams?

About Coefficents Co Ltd.

Coefficients currently serves more than 20 global clients in knowledge services. The company’s eventual metamorphosis from BPO to KPO is a very good opportunity for it to be ideally positioned to lead in knowledge-based services via ramping up capacity and honing its people’s competency.

Here at Coefficients, we go above and beyond for our clients. From assessment, to solution design, to training, transition and launch; we cater to every phase and we got you covered every step of the way. We don’t go for temporary aids. We strike to the core.

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