Of course, on this portal we advocate wearing a beard, but the topic of shaving is still relevant to our readers. We will introduce you several ways to make shaving easier and better.

1. It is better to shave in the evening or, at least, not immediately after awakening. During sleep, the face swells, which makes shaving substandard and less comfortable.
Let yourself wake up completely, start shaving a couple of hours after waking up.

2. Regularly use a facial scrub. Using this tool removes dead cells from the skin and opens the pores, this is very helpful for improving shaving.

3. Before shaving, moisten the bristles with warm or hot water if you can. You can wet a towel and attach it to your face. It divides the hair.

4. Using a shaving cream, carefully rub it in. Aloe vera and vitamins, which are the basis of the cream, protect the skin from scratches, cuts and irritation.

5. The main rule of shaving is the use of sharp blades. If you use old razor blades, you can not avoid cuts and wounds on your face. Blades like that pull the hair, and do not cut it.

6. Rinse the razor in warm water after another shaving motion. Shake off the hairs that are left on the blades, but be careful - do not hurt yourself.

7. Shave only in the direction of hair growth. The fact that shaving against the growth of hair makes it better - a myth. Redness and a rash, the appearance of ingrown hair and cuts, that's the consequences of shaving "against the hair growth"

8. After shaving, do not use lotions based on alcohol or oils. The use of aftershave lotion is designed to "soothe" the irritated skin. Alcohol and alcohol-containing oil, just annoy it. Always look at the composition of the product for after shaving.

9. Menthol is another enemy of skin on the face. Do not use products containing menthol. This, as well as alcohol, will bring only irritation.

10. Do not put a lot of gel or shaving foam on your face. Almost all such products contain sodium lauryl sulfate, it helps to foam gel or foam. This chemical component is very bad for the skin and often causes irritation.

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