Weddings are expensive affairs that start with the invitations. Creating your invitations will give the guests a taste of your wedding’s theme. For plenty of couples, weddings are ideally classy and elegant affairs. To show this through your invitations, silk screen can be used. Although there are commercially available silk screened invitations, these often cost as much as ten dollars for each invitation card. Here’s how you can save money by creating your own.
1. Purchase. You will need silk screens that have been pre-cut according to the size of your invitations. You should also have plenty of ribbon, a computer, printer, and a hole puncher, as well as the fancy paper of your choice. Remember that you should have at least as much silk screen as papers, since the silk screen will be placed directly on top of the invitation.
2. Design. Next, use a computer to create the design for your invitation. The invitation does not have to be too large. A standard size for your invitations will fit four invitations in a sheet of paper. However, if you are including other details on the invitation such as the prominent guests of honor, then you can use half a sheet or a whole sheet for each invitation. Generally, however, these will need to be folded in half. Type in the design on your computer and choose your fonts carefully. Layout the text in an artful manner, and then add a simple image, such as of white doves, flowers, or wedding rings.
3. Print. Next, save the invitation and print these out on your computer. You will need to save the invitation so that you can create more, for guests that may come up along the way. Upon printing, make sure that the ink has thoroughly dried out before you proceed.
4. Punch in holes. Next, take the sheets of silk screen and place these on top of the invitations. If the silk screen is too large, you can use scissors to cut off the excess length. Align the sheet of paper and the sheet of silk screen, and then use punchers to create two holes on the top of the invitation. Make sure that the holes are not too close to the first line of text, since you will tie in ribbons at the holes. If these are too close to the first line of text, part of the invitation may be unreadable.
5. Tie. Finally, take the length of ribbon and create a ribbon that covers the entire top of the wedding invitation. The ribbon should match the color of the bride’s dress and should not to be too large, since the invitation needs to fit into an envelope for you to be able to mail the invitation to the guests. Place each finished invitation in a fancy card and mail.
The invitations are only the first step of planning and preparing for the wedding. Start off the invitations in an inexpensive yet charming way to set the tone as you prepare the rest of your wedding.

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