A lot of folks enjoy the bubbly stuff, especially in the hot summer. But then, the high cost of bottled beverages has become a huge discontent over the past 5-7 years.

Gladly, things are changing as soda stream reviews present high-quality home soda makers that allow you to create your sparkling drinks by controlling the fizziness and flavor to your desired level.

Soda Stream gives you the freedom to produce sparkling water just the way you like it. Home soda maker is easy to use and comes with every single component you need to start your exciting carbonation journey. Each sparkling water making machine comes with a BPA-free plastic carbonating bottle.

All bottles are uniquely designed, safe, and reusable. It can save you an average of 2,190 bottles and cans over a period of three-year life of the bottle. Additionally, each system comes with a CO2 Cylinder.

It is this refillable cylinder that introduces bubbles in your beverage in order to make real sparkling water. For those who find problems making their sparkling water, here’s a guide on how to make soda water in the comfort of your home. Follow this guide to make your own bubbly drinks right now.

Step One: Choose Something to Carbonate

You can carbonate pretty much any liquid you want. The internet is a good place to start from, because there are many recipes for soda right there. Also, ensure that your soda making appliance has a couple of refills that are identical to the soda you would like to create.

Step Two: Fill a Glass or Bottle With Cold Water

Depending on the size of your soda maker, pour cold water into the glass or bottle. Put cold water in a refrigerator for some days, depending on water temperature relative to room temperature.

Step Three: Screw the Jug

In this step, you simply need to screw the jug tightly onto the soda making system. Actually, this depends on whether you are using a device of taller filling size.

Step Four: Push the Carbonation Bottle

In this step, you have to push the carbonation button (located at the top of the device) several times until you achieve your desired carbonation level. Give a break after each push.

The bottle will start to fill with carbonation. Often, the accepted ratio suitable for your taste on carbonation is one buzz per amount of fizz.

Step Five: Press the Black Button Backwards

Press the black button at the top of the device backwards from the edge of the machine. At the start, push it slightly harder, then gentle but firm.

Step Six: Unscrew the Bottle

Take off the bottle from the machine. Doing this helps create the fizziness of the water.

Step Seven: Slant the Bottle

To pour the soda, tip the soda bottle sideways at an estimated angle of 15 degrees. An angle of 15 degrees is sufficient to pour it accurately.

Step Eight: Add Syrup or flavor

Add a packet of syrup or desired flavor into the jug, based on the package instructions. Then, press the cap onto the bottle.

Step Nine: Shake Vigorously

Mix the soda filling with water by shaking the bottle vigorously.

Step Ten: Enjoy Your Soda Water

Your soda water is ready. Serve some batches to family and friends and have fun with those bubbles. Homemade soda is healthy, fun, and environmentally-friendly.

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