The lifespan of coil or atomiser depends on the vaping habit of an individual and the kind of e-cig, the choice of e-liquid flavour and type of coil is being used. However, if you want to get the best flavour avoiding the burnt taste, it’s necessary to replace the coils on a certain interval.

It is a fact that if you prime a coil, the wick gets saturated well with the e-juice prior to using it. This, in turn, lessens the chance of quick burning of the wick and let the coil in use for the long run. But how often you need to change coils? Read the content to know in details:

When to replace the coil?

Whereas most vapers with an electronic cigarette starter kit need to change the coil fortnightly, few signs are there to tell that you need a new coil. It really matters that how often you vape! People, who do vaping throughout the day, exhaust coils more often. On the other hand, people who vape occasionally can expect the coil to last several weeks longer.

Signs of changing the coil:

Before you make your mind to change the coil, there are some signs you should be familiar with.

• Low vapour production: If you find that the produced vapour fails to satisfy the cravings, as it was doing before, then it’s better to get the new one. However, don’t forget to check the batteries, as it can cause low vape production and it may not be the fault of the coil.

• Burnt taste: If you start getting a burnt taste out if your e-cigarette bought from Australia, it is evident that you need to change coils immediately. Did you know if you keep on vaping even after getting burnt taste, you might end up damaging the other parts as well? Even, you can get a burnt hit, if the tank is left with a small amount of juice and cause quick deterioration. Hence, never leave the tank unfilled.

• Are you getting e-liquid in your mouth? Leakage is one of the main reasons, why vapers run after changing the coils. So, if your e-liquids are directly coming in your mouth, it’s high time that you need to change the coil.

• Changes in cotton colour: If you find the spongy and cotton material inside the tank has turned into black or dark brown, it’s an indication that you need to change the coil. Based on the flavour and thickness of the e-liquid, the cotton gets darker and can clog up faster. Thereafter, if you continue vaping with a clogged tank, performance will suffer.

One thing to remember, coils are not designed to be used forever. Along with the e-liquids, coils should be available at your hand. If you’re one of those, who prefer vaping on a regular basis, it is not possible for the coil to last more than one week. People who vape on a moderate level can use coils 2-3 weeks, and for the beginners, coils can last up to a month.

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