How to make sure you are not hustled... One way that people try hard to improve their finances is to earn more, other ways are to waste less and spend less. The best way is to do both. But when is something a bargain and when it is a waste of money? If you are seeking staff and you are looking for someone to come in and make calls and sell items for you over the phone you may well get someone offering to work very cheap but if the other guy is far more reliable and sells more the first one is not really a bargain.

Now that most of us own and use a computer every day we get to hear about things more, things that happen on the other side of the World are instantly available for us to read about. But people who live on the other side of the World can obtain our email address and contact us too. Nobody sensible would listen to a stranger who emails them, they would bin it instantly, but when it offers some miracle some gullible people read on and believe it. This is because they are bargain hunting.

The answer to not being conned is to not look for bargains. Expect to pay properly for any services and any goods you buy and you cannot be parted from your money unfairly.

For example take the scam sites that are shooting up all the time now, offering so called free clairvoyant readings. They say they are free to suck you in but if you join up they have your email address and they only give you a few minutes of their time, which is worth nothing anyway. If they were any good they would not have to offer a free service of any sort. They would already be popular. The only reason they offer the free service is because they are desperate for customers. Then they tell you that you are jinxed and they must remove the jinx before you can obtain happiness! At a huge fee of course.

Only go to a reputable and well tested clairvoyant if you want to use such a person's services. Do not expect it to be free. Check out their testimonials and see how good they are first. Here is an excellent one at with forty years of experience. Over the years they have picked up lots of celebrity clients and been praised in many magazines and newspapers.

How to make sure you are not hustled.

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