A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant who is authorized and duly recognized to execute financial tasks. A CPA can perform many accounting tasks along with other financial tasks. She/he is duly recognized by some statutory authority to discharge these functions. While a tax preparer may assist you in preparing and filing your income tax returns, a CPA can do all this and even more. Getting assistance from a CPA will give you the necessary help you require to file your tax returns. A CPA is an experienced professional and experienced person who keeps your records for filing returns thus, saving you from all the hassle in the tax season. Taxes preparers have restricted services whereas the CPA can do more.


Before choosing a CPA there are certain things you must be careful about:


You should be fully aware of who your CPA is. Be aware of the qualifications and the authorities he/she has make sure you do your research and depend on reliable sources. Ask people who have hired them and verify their claims. This is very important to save you from any fraud or misappropriation later on. Your CPA can also help you with advice as to how you should use your tax refunds. A reliable CPA will help you with the best advice and will put your money to the best possible use. The years of their experience, their knowledge to the latest updates in the regulation and all other relevant information should be verified.


As we know a CPA is entitled to perform more than one task. Thus, be sure that you go through the website of your CPA and know the variety of services they offer. Besides the services of taxes preparer, a CPA can help you with investments of your tax refunds, tax advice, IRS tax representation and other such services. Know for sure of the services you can avail and make the best use of the advice of their experts!


Every CPA is authorized under some laws to execute the financial functions. Make sure you know credentials of your CPA. The enrollment number provided to them can help you verify their claims. The designations they hold and the boards that they are enrolled under, also the State that recognizes them and has granted the license.
All of this besides being available on the website should be cross-checked with their clients. Your safety is your duty and thus being aware is your right.


After having chosen a CPA to make your tax season easy make sure you ask them these relevant questions:
Ask them about their years of experience in the field. This information is relevant to know the authenticity of their services.
Ask you CPA whether they are members of any organization. Organizations that offer to CPA/Accounts professionals’ license give them enrollment numbers. That is their ID to verify their membership.
3.Consultation Charges
Ask them if they offer any free consultations. Ask your questions and clear your queries in these free hours, so that you are charged for substantiality and not your doubts.
4.Record Keeping
To make sure that your CPA is filing the data that has been provided to them, clients need to keep track records also. A good CPA would ask you to organize and keep in place the documents and not rely on computed data. Ensure that your data keeping is organized to save yourself and your CPA from unnecessary hassle.
5.Meeting Arrangements
Most of the times these days we fall short of meeting the times scheduled for meetings. Make sure that your CPA has flexible meeting arrangements in any such cases. How often can your CPA be available to you, for your queries? Make sure you have an available and reliable CPA who solves and listens to all your doubts. A better client and agent relationship will help you be at peace with something so important to you.
Ask them about the documents they will require for filing your tax returns. Keep track of all the documents being provided to you and provided by you. The original and authentic documents are necessary to save you from all future difficulties. You must be well aware that all the documents that are being provided by you as the expenses and income of an individual are already with the IRS. These documents are cross-checked and verified. So, make sure there should be no discrepancies in your documents.
How often is your CPA available? How can you connect to your CPA in cases of doubts or emergencies? Make sure you have answers to all these questions. The mode of your communication should be secure and easily available.
Your clients will have certain expectations of you. Make sure to ensure better services and relationship you match up to their expectations.

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