In most of assemblage (awarding ceremonies, alumni homecomings, conventions, fund raising or commencement exercises), there are guest speakers invited to highlight such occasion.

To make such assemblage memorable, there is a certain reason for guest speakers to be selected, according to their accomplishments and popularity.

Most of the time, speaker’s profession as well as the line of achievement must be related to the occasion in some way.

The occasion, for example, is a home developers’ convention. The guest speakers invited can be a housing czar respected and well-known by the city as well as state.

To give the audience a lasting impression, the speaker should find ways to make them glued to his/her speech.

Let’s say you are the guest speaker of an assemblage, the following tips may be helpful in keeping the audience intently listening instead of doing something else.

1. With an enthusiastic tone, speak in a comprehensible, clear and crisp voice and avoid mumbling. Remember: try best not to eat words as if you are chewing a gum.

2. Your speech should be applicable to recent needs of the majority, in harmony with the objective of the assemblage, touching on what is relevant to the objective.

3. There should be more speakers preparing a list of the topics needed to touch on rather than just a speech prepared and then read word for word. A spontaneous speech which is aligned on the ideas written or prepared on the list is more naturally projected.

4. Inject some humor into the speech to keep your audience attentive. As humor is involved, your audience will find you interesting to listen to. However you should be aware of going beyond the line of humor since this can be misunderstood or unintentionally embarrass others. This might also raise others’ comments criticizing your speech.

5. As raising any issue, one of the most effective ways to project it is to cite examples or instances. Correlate the issue and the example clearly.

6. Let’s say the assemblage is organized for saving an industry or boosting the morale of what will be affected by it directly and indirectly. Try best to bring out an inspiring speech. If it is filled with positive ideas, a depressive mood can be turned into an enthusiastic mood.

7. Participating audience may ask you questions, but it is the way to confirm how your speech is effective.

8. Image a bright future of the industry 5 or 10 years later. Be realistic and specific in your projection.

9. Leave a meaningful and lasting message when you finish your speech.

A speech which makes the audience think long can make them remember you as a speaker for a long time.

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