By Mackenzie Pearce

Edited By Anitra S. White

1. First and foremost, decide and commit to the plan that you do want to become a coach. To get the most from your life, your day, your hour create some powerful questions that put you into a powerfully productive state. Once you understand how powerful this is, work with your clients to create questions that will help put them into their ideal emotional state.

2. Understand that this is not an overnight profession. It takes the average coach 14 months to build a full enough practice that they are able to leave their current job.

3. Start identifying yourself as a coach. This is part of the process of letting your old life go and helping your new life and career come into play. This will also help assist you in gaining clients as word of mouth is very helpful in gaining clients.

4. Identify the strengths you utilize at your current job (especially if you are a stay at home mom) and see how they will help you further your career as a coach. Are you great at time management? Organization? Planning? Budgeting? Multitasking? Are you a great writer? A great talker? How can these skills help you further your career as a coach?

5. Continue to learn through your training and grow as a coach and business person. Let your buddy coach and mentor assist you through this process.

6. Network with other coaches. Friends and family who are not coaches may not understand or relate to what you are experiencing.

7. Get your website ready. Let others know you are open for business. Make sure clients can find you. Have business cards on hand with your web address a number and email designated for your new business.

8. Develop other products and services. There are many products (resources, books, audios, seminars) that help guide clients to successful life change but none more effective than one on one coaching (phone or in person).

9. Start Coaching. Host low cost events in your community and pair with other businesses or professionals when putting the events on (such as bake offs, weight loss competitions etc.- do not restrict yourself to events that are directly related to your niche)

10. Above all, enjoy that God has put you on this path! Practice(repeatedly) doing your part and putting the rest in God’s hands. Every time you start to doubt your future or begin to worry repeat to yourself “I leave it in your hands God. I Thank You for all”

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