I’ll never forget the sit, stand, kneel and pray routine I learned as a child at the St Dominic Church. Memories still fill my mind of being taught “how” to pray. Although with good intention, the church’s teaching was more about how to kneel and hold my hands together properly rather than the fostering of communication with the Higher Intelligence (God.) Since then I’ve come to my own conclusions and best practices when conversing with “Big Man” within. Here are my insights:

God doesn’t speak English-Although words and well written prayers can be beautiful to speak and hear, God is all knowing and omnipotent. There is no physical distance, he understands the workings and cries of your heart. Well structured sentences and grammar are the least of his concerns. He’s listening to your heart.

Ask for mind healing-Whatever you ask for, always ask for healing in the mind. The root of all suffering comes from a misperception in the mind. For example, rather than pray for the body’s healing, pray to heal the part of your mind that believes you’re body. If you are asking for money, pray to heal the part of your mind that believes you’ve separated from abundance. Miracles are shifts in perspective. Pray to see things “right.” Your natural state is love, joy and eternal abundance. Anything else is a misperception in your mind.

Trust-There is no need to ask twice. God will always answer your prayer. If you doubt a miracle then he will honor your doubt. You have to have more faith in a Higher Intelligence than in the “worldly” problem you seek to fix. If you have to ask twice you never believed in the first place. Remember that “there are no degrees of difficulty in miracles.” -ACIM

Surrender the outcome-Every prayer is answered, it may not however be answered in the form you expect or want. My most desired prayers came to fruition when I surrendered trying to “control” the outcome. I’ve come to learn and expect that “God can dream a bigger and better dream.” There have been many times when I’ve been disappointed with an outcome. However, upon hindsight I come to realize that what God had chosen for me is indeed the better result. (i.e. thank God I didn’t get that job or thank God he never called back.) This is what you can come to expect from a Self-sustaining and Self-organizing universe.

Prayer is the medium of miracles. Amen

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