How often do you feel unproductive and disorganized while you working? You are fully aware that if you made some changes at work, things would improve dramatically, but you don’t know where to start so you don´t do anything. If you start by making small changes, one by one, over time you will be amazed at how much more productive you feel and how much more you are able to achieve in the same amount of time.

Imagine having an office that is free from clutter and distractions, an office that the moment you walk into it, your energy levels rise and you look forward to getting to work. It is essential to ensure that your environment promotes focus and doesn’t undermine your productivity.

Do you know that people who work at a messy desk waste on average 15 % of their time looking for things. If you can start by optimizing your work space, you’re far ahead. When you waste time because your space is not working for you, you are also wasting money, lowering your productivity and making your office space work against you. You spend the majority of your time in your office so this is really important and shouldn´t be overlooked.

You are the only one who know exactly the way you work, what you need to access often and what are the problems you face when you working. Use this information and take time to solve these problems, be proactive and not reactive towards them.

Keeping your office space in mind, ask yourself:
• What is on my desk that I actually don’t need? Including paperwork, files, etc (Anything that you don’t use regularly should be stored away.)
• What isn’t on my desk that I use regularly?

Filing system, papers, etc
Have you separated the files you use often from the ones that are inactive? Have one central system that you work with, too many systems can be too confusing and difficult to handle. If you don´t have a filing system either, create one. Also ensure your files are labeled for easy reference.

Do you have paper clutter on your desk? Remove this and other obsolete reading material from your desk. Get into the habit of having a clean desk and keep it organized, during the day or if you prefer, at the beginning of the day.

Sounds can also be one of the biggest distractions, block out sounds if you are in an open plan office, by using headphones for example. You can also choose to play music that is soothing but not distracting; this will help you focus when you need to.

Office furniture
How is the layout of your desk and office? How is your furniture arranged? What is your office furniture like? Lay out your furniture so it looks more spacious and inviting. Invest in furniture that will make you more effective, ergonomics is important, how are the office chairs, your desk height, etc

If you are motivated by certain images or objects, have them there but don’t let it obstruct your working area. Do you have colours in your office? it is said that colours boost brain performance.

What is the temperature like in the office? If it too cold, this will affect your concentration levels and also, if it is too warm and you may feel tired and lethargic. Make sure there is natural light coming in your office. On a sunny day, this will make you feel more energized and productive.

Spend one day analyzing your space and making improvements. Implement systems that you need and eliminate systems that are redundant. Make your office space one that brings out the best in you and your work!

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Author's Bio: 

Kirstin O´Donovan is a Productivity Coach, helping individuals who struggle with time-management, organization and procrastination to achieve their goals and gain control over their time. She helps you to alleviate stress, be more productive, empowered and to have more time to do what you want.