If you want to make the next 12 months your best year yet then you need to do something different to what you are doing now. It’s is all about taking action. Attitude is everything. Have the best attitude. Change a rotten one and you’ll have the best year ever.

Creating the best year yet is all about putting into place a strategy, a step by step process.

I’ll discuss three of nine strategies outlined in our eBook that you are able to implement so you can improve your life and make the next 12 months your best 12 months yet.

1. Think “De-Clutter” As A Way Of Life

Clutter is a state of mind. Un-clutter the mind and cluttered spaces almost take care of themselves. Often people who need to fill up their lives with too much of everything also fill their bodies with way too much food. Clutter guru Peter Walsh in his book “Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?” draws the correlation between cluttering, over eating and not exercising.

A good first step to de-cluttering is to eliminate what isn’t of value. The traditional sorting tool to de-clutter is a three step decision: Toss – Keep – Sell / Donate.

Living clutter free will open your life and clear the way for what lies ahead to enter your life without tripping and falling on your face.

2. Add An Aerobic Exercise

There are many different types of exercise from strength training to flexibility training to aerobic exercise. Research shows that aerobic activity is the best method for burning calories and reducing fat deposits in the body as the heart and lungs pump oxygen to the muscles.

Medically, aerobic training is recommended for individuals with a host of maladies including high blood pressure, clogged arteries, diabetes and depression.

An ideal fitness program incorporates all three types of exercise to produce strength, flexibility and endurance.

For physical exercise to he totally effective is should engage both body and mind. Performing an exercise with concentration and deliberation is far better than going through the motions. This is why professional athletes recognize the value of cross-training.

3. Meditate

Meditation is practiced worldwide irrespective of religion or lack of it, by individuals seeking relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief, in addition to those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Western medicine is recognizing the curative power of meditation through continual research into the intricate working of the mind-body complex and the power of the mind to create an individual’s reality and determine the quality of one’s life.

By practicing meditation the individual arrives at the place they find self-guidance to solve problems, make decision and understand life’s complexities. That place is where ideas are sparked, even the elusive “next big idea”.

Working on one idea for 4 – 6 weeks will keep you busy without feeling pressured. What will happen is that you will build momentum and with momentum comes the confidence. These steps are easy to take and follow through with. Get into action with our Find out 6 more easy steps you can take to make the next 12 months the best year yet.

Author's Bio: 

"My name is Paul Woodward. I'm a success coach and consultant. When it comes to creating success in life, there are two categories
1. Having a strategy to get your desired result
2. Implementation of this strategy.

A strategy is a step by step process that will work when applied correctly. The problem comes in the implementation. Often there are unconscious erroneous beliefs that keep people from taking all the steps and this is what often keeps them stuck. "

Paul A Woodward, Results and Performance coach
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